Sunday, 7 April 2013

HUJOO " FREYR" JunkySpot Designed Anthropomorphic Doll - A New one folks!

A few months ago I wrote about the new Junkyspot designed cutie cat doll "Freya" under the title: "HUJOO " FREYA" JunkySpot Designed Anthropomorphic Doll", link here if you'd like to recap: Hujoo Junkyspot Freya

Well today I opened my emails and found a message from Junkyspot that make me have to re-read that post as I thought I had committed a spelling faux pas, as the doll they informed me is now available to buy is another anthropomorphic feline, called "FREYR" (see where my confusion laid?) also available in grey or white, but "FREYR" is a boy cat - or should that be Tom cat? anyhoo, FREYA can now have a brother or a boyfriend depending on how you, or I feel!

Anyhoo, I guess it's time to stop wittering and cut to the good stuff so here it is; Here's the first images of this cute little lad, taken from the email Junkyspot sent:

Of course I had to go over to the website and check him out, how could I resist!

 The first thing I found was this little bit of info, which is quite helpful for anyone who
 doesn't yet have a "Freya" or even a "Freyr" ...

While I'm on this section, I think it might be helpful to others if I tell you what I discovered while fixing my Freya's tail and after I had done so, but first here's the pic's you've been waiting for.... Junkyspot's FREYR:

And in case you need or want some comparison pictures, just look below, I've tried to find similar poses to show off the chest area, for obvious reasons (nothing pervy honest!)

                                                                     FREYA       ⇜  

Information taken from the Junkyspot Ebay listing, I purchased my girl through:

Head: Takes a 6.5-7" wig (would need to be modified to fit ears)

Height : 23cm
Eyes : 16mm
Girth of neck : 4cm
Girth of Chest : 10.5cm
width of shoulders : 4cm
Girth of Waist : 8cm
Girth of hips : 11cm" 

   ⇝      FREYR        ⇜ 

Junkyspot lists his dimensions as:

"Head: Takes a 6.5-7" wig (would need to be modified to fit ears)
Height : 23cm
Eyes : 18mm (not included)
Girth of neck : 4cm
Girth of Chest : 10.5cm
width of shoulders : 5.5cm
Girth of Waist : 9cm
Girth of hips : 10.5cm
Foot Size: 3.5cm"

Sale price for Freyr is $44.99 direct from Junkyspot's website where he is available in either grey or white, they also still have Freya (available in grey only) for the same price. A little note on the bottom of the email states that if it is on the website it's in stock wooohoo!

Before I go, I think I should add a brief not about Freya magnets (sadly I haven't a Freyr yet, so I am unable to comment on his magnet yet) but hopefully, the things I encountered with my Freya will be of some help to others who own or are thinking of owning either of these beautiful dolls...

A word about magnets and some advice on issues, I've encountered and how I fixed them:

The first thing I found is the tail was very "swingy" and often fell off at the lightest touch, after I had glued it in using the recommended Zap A Glue.

 Once I discovered this I had to work out how to remove it again, in the least damaging way possible; I discovered the best way to do this is to boil the kettle, place a little water in a bowl, wait a couple of seconds for it to cool a little, then place in the Freya hip area ( unstrung) - it took no more than 3 seconds before I had a magnet floating around in the bowl along with her hip joint, and due to the type of plastic used in Hujoo Doll production  no damage at all was done to the plasti through this "heating" process - success!

I placed the magnet on the inside of her hip area, which meant I had to unstring her before placing the magnet, and then re-string her afterwards - this was something I had never done before, but I soon realised the best thing (tool wise) that you an you to help with this task is several pairs of forceps, in different sizes (locking ones - sold for fishing) longer thinner ones are very handy if the elastic "string" pinges back inside the doll's body at the last minute - Expect this to happen more than once, so patience is an absolute virtue oh and an extra pair of hands helps heaps too! - Sadly this also meant that one I discovered the "Swing" issue, I had to unstring her again, to remove and replace the magnet *sigh*

So here's my advice on magnets - it's worth considering before you even think about where you will be placing it.

  The "Swing issue" I mentioned is caused by the fact that the magnet used to hold the tail to the doll's body is small, and not very powerful  one of which  has to be raised slightly to fit inside the tail itself (and is therefore not easily obtainable in the right size and strength needed), so I decided the best way to fix the issue as to keep the tail magnet as is and then buy a more powerful magnet to go inside Freya's hips which should hold it in place better.

But here's the rub, the area inside Freya's hips only allows a centimetre and a half (if that) before any magnet placed inside this area messes with the hip ball joints and therefore movement of the doll's legs, also as this area needs to allow for free flowing elastic, which connects from Hujoo doll legs through to the shoulder area and out of the neck, the magnet used cannot be too high, and so buying a powerful and yet flat but small magnet to use on this area is again hard to find and also quite expensive (for what it is) when you are able to locate one...The other issue with buying a magnet is that the one Freya comes with is approximately 7mm however, magnets are not sold in odd sizes, so you need to opt for either a 6mm or an 8mm instead, there is also the strength available in these sizes to consider too, obviously the higher the strength and the smaller the  size the magnet is the key here...

So I compromised I bought an 8mm flat magnet which is 1mm high (it turns out this was the perfect size to place inside her hips) the strength I went for is N50 it is possible to buy N52 but these are very expensive in the size needed, also I could have bought a 5mm high magnet but I was unsure how much this would interfere with her strung areas, so to be safe, I found a listing for ten 8mm x 1mm going cheap and bought them instead, then waited on tenterhooks until they arrived and I could make a start!

The great thing about buying the flatter magnets was that I was able to "build up" the size without interfering with the string area, so I actually glued several of the magnets together (after testing the strength and string interference as I went along) until I had enough power in the magnets to keep the tail in place without it falling off all the time, it also worked perfectly through fabrics (I tried different types) so when I was satisfied  I glued everything in place and restrung my little darling!

Ok so enough about magnets, if you haven't already gone over to Junkyspot to check him out; there is loads more pictures of him over there, so... why not?!

(A quick disclaimer:  Photo's, and info' taken directly from Junkyspot's website & Ebay Freya listing, screenshots taken from Junkyspot email and website.)

That's it for now, hope you've enjoyed reading it!