Thursday, 24 April 2014

Johannes Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring Gets a "New Look" ... from Groove!

For those of you who are not familiar with the works of the Dutch Masters, here's some background info' which kind of explains why I am so in awe of this new Pullip Doll I have discovered...

Johannes Vermeer (1632 - 1675) painted "The Girl With A Pearl Earring" in or around 1665.  The painting is considered to be one of his "Masterpieces" and is generally known by that title, however I am not sure if he himself gave it this title in Dutch (his native language) he would have called it "Het Meisje Met De Parel". I personally believe the name has been given to it in the same way in which "The Mona Lisa" acquired her name or "The Venus De Milo" for that matter.

It is very likely that the reason for Vermeer not giving the painting a title himself is that it is not what we traditionally refer to when we use the term portraiture. It is in fact a style of painting referred to in Dutch art of the 17th Century as a "tronie" or a head painting.

A portrait would require that the subject is depicted in such a way to give an impression of personality, bearing in the community, such as would most likely be the case during the time period in which this painting would have been produced, or as a "remembrance" (in the same way we now take photographs to keep a record of our loved one's faces, or the Memento Mori of the Victorian era).

However, none of these things could be considered to have been behind the depiction of this young girl, and had it of been a portrait it would most likely have been commissioned and therefore would have been entitled with the name of the sitter.

So what does any of this have to do with Pullip Dolls?

Just this... A recent stroll around Ebay informed me that Groove released a new Pullip in mid- April and she is not only beautiful but she's based on and called "The Girl With The Pearl Earring"!

According to she stands at approximately 310mm tall (12 inches) and comes with the headress she's wearing described in listing as a "turban", (this style is actually known as a "Tied Head Linen") and a stand, they also limit customers to three only per household,  whether this is a case of limited stock and supply or a very limited run of these dolls, they do not explain.

They also include the following statement as part of the listing which is intriguing as it seems to emply that Groove have decided to make a range of Pullips based on works of art and more precisely "Masterpieces" which of course will be recognisable to almost anyone, even if they know nothing about the history of art and artists or the names of the works themselves - what a great idea for a run of dolls though, so I guess we can look out for "The Mona Lisa Pullip" in a couple of months if sales go well of this one!

 As the statement is quite comical in it's translation, I had to copy it in it's entirety here:

" ─ ─ Pullip of "Girl with a Pearl Earring" Vermeer's masterpiece appeared

To put smile on the lips, what mood I think .....

- First of Pullip The Masterpiece Series!

Painter - which produced a number of masterpieces, including the woman pouring milk], Johannes Vermeer.

It has been touted as among the masterpieces of painting,

Dole has become a [(daughter of blue turban) Girl with a Pearl Earring.

- Blue turban and earrings appear in the painting, pearl impressive ...

To full-lipped mouth and ocher-based costume, I was faithfully reproduced.
So that I came out from the painting · · · · · · like.

- Taking a turban, hair of gold ... Brown,
It will be like the lady medieval atmosphere."

While the listing states the doll comes with the "turban" and stand ( which is gold by the way) only, it is clear when you check out the photos of the boxed doll that she also comes with her shoes in a bag (stuck to the inside of the box) and a cute little card which depicts her inside a frame in reference to the Vermeer Masterpiece after which she was modelled.

You can see this card more clearly in the photograph below, the card appears to have some additional information on it but as it is in Japanese, I am unable to ascertain exactly what it says.

... And so to price:

 To buy her directly from Hobby Search, she will cost you 13,000 yen approximately $126.90 (American Dollars) or approximately £75.58.

Item Size/Weight : 37.5 x 20.5 x 11 cm / 625g - ( You will need this information to calculate the shipping cost on that site).
Otherwise, you can find her for sale via the two listings I have found on Ebay:
shiyon-jp - have her priced at $105.90 (free p&p) - £62.55.

Link to listing here: Pullip Girl with a Pearl Earring

ranran88 - have her priced at $139.99 ( Plus $44.00 International Shipping) which works out to £83.38 ( Plus £26.21 for International Shipping).

 Listing link here: Pullip doll - Girl with a Pearl Earring

I just wish I had enough spare cash to buy her right now, oh well, perhaps the next one in the "Master Art Works range will be even better, or the next or the next, I'm so excited by this prospect I can hardly wait to see who they make next!