Tuesday, 27 May 2014

ಠ_ಠ Vintage Scottish National Costume doll - Meets Mattel's 1979 Mork From Ork! ಠ_ಠ

Well she was a Vintage Scottish National Costume doll but, hahaha not anymore, now she's a Vintage Scottish Punk doll, who lives quite a transient lifestyle going where she pleases and enjoying giving some attitude to my other unsuspecting dolls, like Mork for example... Poor sweet innocent Mork!

I removed her little outfit, gave her some makeup and nail polish, an earring and made her a kilt to wear with her new t-shirt; this was made quite quickly; once I made the t-shirt I just attached a small piece of Union Jack ribbon to it.  

After that I made her some tiny fishnet stockings from a small piece of net fabric and found her a cute little pair of "Bovver Boots" to wear.

For her hair - I removed her original brown hair, which had seen better days and replaced it by giving her a mohawk reroot, once that was complete I gave her a black "buzz cut" - using the technique "Bouffant Headbut" taught me, once it was dry, she was ready to play!

                                   "Na-Noo Na-Noo ... Mindy??"
           "Mindy?? .... who the F**K are you calling Mindy?? You freak!!"

I have the talking backpack which came with my mork, it still has it's original sticker unlike the one in the Ebay listing (shown below), which I discovered on 5th November 2012 and even better than having it's original sticker it also works perfectly.

Mork came to me in excellent "Pre Loved" condition, in his original outfit and he even had his original boots too, I paid  99p for him without  postage, which was only £1.50 so all in all he was an absolute bargain.

I decided not to use his talkie box for this photo as it is a little bulky and I wanted to be able to have him stand for the snaps, without having to worry about the weight of it making him topple over...

In case you are unsure how it works: you strap it onto his back and pull the string and it recites various catchphrases we all loved from the TV series - better than that it even sounds like Robin Williams too!!

I have no idea how I managed to win him so cheaply, I tried so many times prior to get my mitts on one and been outbid every time....so when  I spotted the auction for this one - with four days to go - I decided to just put in my maximum bid and tried not to think about it, as it seemed more than likely I would again be outbid, then one morning, I awake to discover I had won him and for the start price too, so  I guess the time was right for me to own him finally!!

The great thing about getting this little man was I got Aaron to sit still long enough to experience some of Mork & Mindy on youtube when he goes to see that idiot The Fonz and asks for help on human dating classic stuff !

Aaron was laughing his head off at Mork's craziness which I just knew he would as he loves Robin Williams who is apparently another of Aaron's Gods!