Wednesday, 7 October 2015

✿❀ Meet my new girl - Violka by Orange Tea Dolls. ❀✿

Hello all,

As promised I'm making a start on sharing the many things I have to tell you about, and what better way to begin than telling you about my new girl ... Violet?!

She arrived this morning and as I didn't wake up until 6pm (I know, it's bad but I'm still not well) I haven't gotten around to charging batteries and taking photographs of the delectable little damsel so for now you'll have to make do with some Sales pictures instead..

I first spotted these dolls a few months back on one of my many "nosing around the web" escapades and had no idea what they were called or where to buy one. 

After months of fruitless searching I gave up the dream, even after finding out the name I still couldn't find a sales page or site so that was that and they went back onto my list of unattainable wants...

Until last week when I was innocently hanging out on Ebay looking for a new cage for Snuffkin my Degu and oh my ... look who I found!

Photo from Ebay Seller blossom2001.

Not having quite enough in my bank account at the time to purchase her (she was on Buy it Now) and noticing that 19 other people were also watching her, I didn't like my chances ... 

The listing ended and I thought that was that, until several days later she was relisted, but I still had a week or so to wait before money was paid into my account and again I was one of 20 or so "watchers" ... 

So what to do? 

I tried to forget about her and delete the listing from my Watch List, but she had me so enthralled I just couldn't do it!

Then I had an idea... I mailed the seller and asked if I could secure her with Buy it Now and pay when the money entered my bank in the week... well if you don't ask!

Anyway, it turned out Heather is awesome and had no problem with my doing so, even better I got paid early so two days later she was officially mine, now I just had to wait for the weekend to pass and for her to arrive!

As we began mailing back and forth over the last few days,  I mentioned that I was sure that I'd seen the top image on Flickr entitled "Does my bum look big in this?" it turns out I had, one of the Orange Tea Dolls I'd been coveting was the same one I would be holding in my hands in a matter of days!

How cool is that?!

... And now she's here and all mine "Mauhaha!"

Photo from Ebay Seller blossom2001.

Anyhoo, so by now you'll be wanting to know all sorts of things about these dolls but first I have to tell you a strange little story ... I named my girl Violet Blue, Violet for short.

Before I'd even secured her a weird thing kept happening to me, looking at the listing photographs the name kept coming into my head, I've always loved the name Violet, it was my Nan's name, but I've never thought to use it as a doll name until now, and I couldn't help wondering why...

After I secured her I kept thinking about this and thinking "What is it about this doll that makes me think that?" 

So on a whim I tried a translator for the word "Violka" and discovered that the word "Violka" is Czechoslovakian for "Violet"!!

Well as you must have noticed by now that she's a quirky looking little thing with a very full "Mother Earth" figure that puts my college's Life Drawing Models to shame (sorry Rose & Mary) and I'm sure you're itching to know more about the dolls themselves and see some more pic's so I won't disappoint..

While on Flickr I discovered the Orange Tea Dolls Pool, and that led me to the Maker's Web Site and Etsy Shop (where I found these photo's), so here's what I've found out...

There are two skin tones you can buy them in at present, actually there is three but I think that the Chocolate skinned version must have been a limited edition.

The Fair skin option is the same skin tone as Violet, the Light Tan skin tone is shown above, and Chocolate skin tone is shown in the photo' below.

There are two options available:

Violka Fair Skin basic (nude doll - no make up, eyes or wig) which costs £ 152. 09

Violka Light Tan basic ( nude doll - no make up, eyes or wig) priced at £ 167. 30.

As the seller lives in Germany the postage for each is £10. 65 ( Certified & with Insurance) and takes around a week to arrive.

The  Orange Tea Doll Etsy Shop can be found here: Orange Tea Dolls

If I'd have known where to buy them I would most likely have opted for the Light Tan version, but since I didn't at the time and since meeting Violet I'm stupidly happy with her just as she is!

The dolls are made of resin and stand at 19 cm tall ( 7.48 inches).
    They have 10 points of articulation.

Their head is 6 inches, so wig buying isn't much of a problem, although I've purchased some lavender Wensleydale wool for Violet's wig and they take 12mm eyes, again a pretty easy find.

And they come in a orange box, all snuggled up in bubble wrap inside the funky flower patterned sleeping bag that you can see in the first photo.

The only foreseeable problem is finding ready made clothes to fit over that "Big giant ass" and her teeny feet!!

During today's fashion show I discovered that the Hujoo baby shoes sold by Mimiwoo (have I ever mentioned that I love Mimiwoo?!) fit her perfectly, so finding her some cute footsie wear is really no problem at all either!

If you are interested you can find 4 pages of adorable boots and shoes that will fit your Violka and Middie Blythe too, here: Hujoo baby, Violka & Middie Blythe Footwear.

On the seller's website / blog I discovered this photograph of the doll with her dimensions listed which is an absolute boon for someone like me who wants to make doll clothes but is sometimes a bit dodgy with measuring - don't ask me how, I measure ok but then I get derpy!

Anyhoo, what's even better, I discovered while nosing about on her Flickr Pool is that she has made and uploaded sewing patterns for underwear, a bikini, two dresses, a skirt, tights and a coat to her web site so as soon as my Mum gives me the print outs I requested I can be on my way sewing Violet a whole new wardrobe, which I'm sure she will happily model for you all!