Saturday, 1 October 2016

OOAK Living Dead Dolls Toy Soldier Custom Repaint

I've just discovered this stunning piece of custom work while wandering around eBay and I'm just so in awe of it, I have no choice but to blog about it right now...

The doll used for the base is one that I've disregarded several times as I just think it's rather silly looking. The costume is nice and like most Living Dead Doll clothing has wonderful attention to detail... However the doll it'self just seemed off to me.

I think this is due in part to most  Living Dead Dolls having a face moulded from only one or two sculpts, this of course means that any differentiating characteristics have to be expressed through a combination of paint and costume design.

Toy Soldier Living Dead Doll is one of the few Christmas themed dolls released by Mezco, he's based on the wooden nutcracker style dolls from Babes in Toyland and wears the same calvary style uniform. 

While innocently wandering around eBay I discovered an Ooak Repaint by an artist called KMIRO J.K from California... I couldn't believe it was the same doll, this talented artist has really breathed life into him... Just look at those eyes!

   His factory paint has been completely stripped and he has been repainted using acrylic paint and sealed, he was then redressed in his original costume - which now suits him a hell of a lot better - a slight modding was done to the uniform,blood was added and a single button was removed - I can't tell where though...

He is priced at $200.00 and is available on a Buy It Now basis, by clicking the link to the listing.

He has been returned to his coffin and comes with all his original accessories, hat included.

The artist has removed the original blood from the doll's face, which is symbolic of his death and has added a couple of bullet holes to his forehead to symbolise that he died as a result of warfare instead.


For some reason the above photograph of the doll reminds me of Jack Nicholson's character, Lt. Andre Duvalier, in the 1963 film The Terror, in which he stars alongside Boris Karloff.

Before I go, here's one last image of the doll in all his glory, standing besides his red coffin box.

Like most Living Dead Dolls he comes in a coffin shaped box with a Death Certificate and these are all included in the listing.