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My Hol's and Ernie too!! - 28th June 2009

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I was starting to give up ever finding anything cool in the crappy charity shops in Llandudno and then I wandered into an animal charity one and yay I found a 1995 Tyco TUMBLING ERNIE for £1.25....

"Happy Birthday Herbie" says I and went off and paid for him!

We spent the rest of the day on the beach and I couldn't resist taking him along so he can say goodbye to Llandudno ... he seemed happy enough tho' with the prospect of a new dolly family on a mountain the other side of the country!

P.S...He's called Tumbling Ernie cos his head is weighted so he can do rolls wooooooot Aaron and I had a lot of fun in the hotel room making him do that!!

Here's the pic's of our first day out:

Happy Ernie on Llandudno Beach!

               Ernie was worn out after helping me write a message in the sand...well it was a hot day!

He didn't even mind waking up to find himself buried!

          Oh no someone killed Ernie and wrote R.I.P in the sand :(

                  Aaron said it definitely wasn't him who did it :(

Hmmm...seems Ernie isn't the only thing being buried on the beach!

                                  Ahah Caught red-handed!

                          So it was Aaron after all!

    He tried to deny it but when confronted by my evidence he had to confess!

Comments from Multiply:

 carnice05 wrote on Jun 28, '09                                        

I think you're supposed to copy him herbs!!!
 carnice05 wrote on Jun 28, '09                                            

Iv'e got it!........ you wear sandshoes on the beach, so that you don't sink in the sand!........ernie must be looking for people with no sandshoes!!!!!!! lol
 carnice05 wrote on Jun 28, '09                                            

looks like you two had a RIP roaring time!

 kitschartherb wrote on Jun 28, '09                                        

Blimey with the back I've had for the last month I'll be lucky...not to mention my cronky knee! lol

 kitschartherb wrote on Jun 28, '09                                        

lmao..nice one John...I'll have to remember that

 kitschartherb wrote on Jun 28, '09                                         

lol yeah... a great way to spend my b-day...had some weird looks off some teenagers tho' but we were having too much fun to care!
 weebairns wrote on Jun 28, '09                                              

Haha, boyz will be boyz, lol

 kitschartherb wrote on Jun 28, '09              

hahaha ain't they just!

Great fun tho' I love being a mum to a boy child!!
 weebairns wrote on Jun 28, '09                  

Me too Herbs, two of em, little blighters, lol

 lilacmermaid wrote on Jun 28, '09            

uuuerrrr, do you know how uncomfortable it is for Ernie to get sand in his boy bits, ouch, .x

 kitschartherb wrote on Jun 29, '09            

Lol Yeah Blighters indeed Angie but the look you see in their eyes and when you're lucky enough to be pounced on for a cuddle makes it all worthwhile a?

I wouldn't have 'em any other way! and hey boy's get the coolest toys tho' don't they? lol I should know I was always a tomboy chasing after my big brother!
 kitschartherb wrote on Jun 29, '09                                            

Ernie has boy-bits? :-S

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo not the dreaded boy-bits ... however am I gonna clean them with my eyes closed??
 weebairns wrote on Jun 29, '09                  

It certainly is Herbs, James still never leaves without kissing me goodbye when he comes to see me, Phil is a bit more reserved, thinks he's too cool to kiss his old mum, do get a peck now and again.

Yeah boys toys. Believe it or not, when I was little, although I did like some dolls, I always wanted my brothers toys, and cried one Christmas Day when I got a stupid doll in a rocking crib (so I thought then, lol) and my brother got a fort with two lots of soldiers, and it had a moat, lol. I really wanted that fort, lol

 kitschartherb wrote on Jun 30, '09,

lol Aaron isn't ashamed to put his arm around me and kiss the top of my head in the street either Angie lol just sometimes he likes to creep up on me hahaha

I think he's trying to scare me into making a girlie scream noise 'cos he finds that really funny seeing as I'm still a big tomboy and I always get embarrassed every time I let out a girlie squeak!!

Either that or he's part Kato!!

Lmao I know what you mean about the Fort too Angie, My brother Carl had one and I was so jealous but he did let me play with it (Yay!!) wouldn't let me go near his battery powered Evil Knievel tho' oh how I envied him that!

I had a doll that was remote control that year...I thought she was so naff compared lol the box said she was a dancing doll but 'cos she had no legs (she was kinda pear-shaped under her dress - lol bad herbie looked again!) all she did was go around in circles whilst making a stupid whirring noise!! lol

Hey Angie...I'm beginning to wonder if we should get counselling for being abused in such a way! hahahahahaha

 weebairns wrote on Jun 30, '09

LOL Herbs! I sort of remember some dolls like that. My brother had loads and loads of lego and meccano. He used to make a crane with meccano, and just when I'd got my dolls house all set out nice and neatly, he'd come along and drop a heavy ball baring on top of it shouting loudly "demolition time", lol!!! Little brat!! Yes, def we should get counselling lol!! My older brother had the coolest thing though, he had a building set with bricks that you actually cemented together, to make things with, he made me an extension for my dolls house with them, he was six years older than me though, and kinder that Pete my younger brother, I was a tomboy too lol, liked nothing better than climbing trees, playing with the boys, haha, mind you, didn't have much choice, with two brothers and only one little girl on the street to play with, and I thought she was a cissy lol. Oh I meant to ask you Herbs, when you saw Oliver in London, was it Jodie playing Nancy, the one who won the TV Nancy show, or a stand in. Oops sorry, rambling on a bit here, I'll shut up now, lol xx

 kitschartherb wrote on Jun 30, '09

lmao no you carry on girl!!

And yeah don't worry about the whole demolition thing I think all big brother's do that to their sisters hahaha Carl did it to me lol

He had a massive crane too 'cos my Grandad was a crane driver so my mum just had to get him one and lol didnt he just love to torment me with that? hahahaha

I wasn't much good at climbing lol I'd kinda like get so far and then cling on until Carl rescued me hahaha not that he would straight away mind he liked to pretend he was gonna leave me up there 'til I missed dinner!

Sweet of your big broths to use his bricks to make you know I've seen those brick packs & cement on Ebay keep wondering if I should get some lol

And hey I got a Pete too he's the eldest tho' (my step-brother) and I have a younger brother too but yeh I think you know that you commented on his pic' lol

I think I know why you gave your brother's bendy toy an operation now hahahaha

And yes, It was lol I had no idea who the hell she was but it turned out she'd won some show or other that I never watched hahahaha

She didn't half belt 'em out tho' I can tell you! she made a pretty good Nancy ... we were lucky 'cos we had the full cast for the matinee none of them understudies woooot

And the little boy who played the artful dodger awww he was a little cutie had blond hair and was tiny but boy he had stamina and he sung like I dunno what same as the Oliver a dark haired boy that kinda made me chuckle cos they are normally portrayed with oliver being blond and dodger being dark haired ain't they?

Anyhooo, girl I really hope you'll be lucky and get tickets soon (we had to book in November for the performance in May!) it was booked solid and I hear Rowan Atkinson is quitting in December as he finds it far too grueling and awww poor sod he did recently have to have a hernia op' :(

Wonder if Aaron will get a reply from him...I really hope so it'd make his day and I'd hate for him to be disappointed thinking his Hero has feet of clay but I guess he is sensible and knows he's a busy man....fingers crossed tho' x
 weebairns wrote on Jun 30, '09

It sounded wonderful Herbs, we are still trying to get tickets. Yes, the programme was one of those reality tv shows, where they needed to find someone to play Nancy and needed, I think it was four Olivers, because obviously, being so young, would need several boys for this because of their school commitments etc. One of the winners was a really cute little blonde boy, think his name was Gwillam or something, he was welsh and had a voice like an angel.

Didn't know you could still get the bricks and cement toy, would be interesting to see one.

Yes, brothers eh. Pete and I still torment each other to death even now, he is completely mad, lol. My older brother Frank is a bit reclusive these days, and we don't get to see him much.

Hope Aaron gets a reply from Rowan Atkinson, shame he's leaving the show, will probably be gone by the time we see it.

My Jame's birthday today, we've all just been out for a meal at a pub down near the river, then Mollie and I went swan watching, she was so excited because there was a black one, she'd never seen a black one before. But we took Cameron with us, (big mistake lol), he kept trying to rush the swans, and got hissed at a few times. He had his extendable lead on, thank goodness.

bfn, x

 kitschartherb wrote on Jul 1, '09, edited on Jul 1, '09

blimey Girl you gotta be careful with swans tho' they are capable of breaking a man's arm with their wings...hate to think what they could do to a little one :( and yay for the black swans they are rather beautiful aren't they? my auntie lived in ellesmere and we went to stay when aaron was small...awww his little face when he first saw the black one ... priceless! we took bread and were hand feeding them lol

Happy Birthday James!! hope it's a good one *Grin*

Lol Talking of teasing Pete's mine always calls me a greasy hippy haha so I always call him shorty-fatty-baldy-man hahaha it really is fun!

We got the programme for oliver and I'm sure there are 4 for oliver & dodger...the little dodger we saw had a welsh name and was blonde tho' he was only 10 i think but blimey that little man has one hell of a career ahead of him he's so talented...all the child cast really you could tell they really enjoyed what they were doing ... I do really hope Rowan Aktinson is still there when you go...he looked almost like a hybrid child of Blackadder & Baldrick hahaha you could almost smell him!

If not tho' I can recommend The Lion King we saw that a couple of years back and man that is just so awesome it'll take your breathe away the way they portray parts of the film it's so clever and the cast was amazing.

We ended up crying (again) at the part when Scar kills Muffasa and makes Simba believe it's his fault :( oh I'm welling up just thinking about it..I hate that part it's just too awful :(

when I see another of those thingiemebobs on ebay I'll give you a link so you can get all nostalgic hahahaha

Anyhoo, time to shut me cakehole hahahaha, laters x

 weebairns wrote on Jul 1, '09

I've seen the Lion King Herbs, I went with my friend Joy about 3 years ago. Although Joy is a great friend (for over 25 years now), she is just not very emotional, not like me lol, we are so different but that's often a good thing with friendships, oh sorry, rambling again, lol, anyway, even she was in tears over that bit, but wouldn't admit it, and quickly wiped her eyes, pretending she hadn't been.

lmao at hybrid child of Blackadder etc. oh herbs you crack me up lol!!

When James was round yesterday, he went into the loft to find his Animal, but oh dear Herbie love, when he got the box down, he got all nostalgic, and er, he doesnt want to part with him now, so sorry about that. He says if he changes his mind, you will be the first one to have him. He took him back to his flat, to put in his room, and took his Tetley Tea Folk collection to give to one of the lads he shares with Ryan, who likes them. Hey Herbs, perhaps I shouldnt have mentioned the Animal to him and just nicked it lol, I bet he would have forgotten it was there. Bad Angie lol, sob

ooh heck, don't I go on, shutting up lol

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