Sunday, 28 October 2012

Loony Tunes "Tweety" Dal

(Originally Posted on Flickr 8th february 2010)

Loony Tunes "Tweety" Dal

She comes with so much in her box...
A stand, tweety skateboard, sylvester glove puppet, tweety bag, sun visor, tweety skate shoes, tweety head hoodie, tweety skirt, 2 tweety tops, socks, denim skirt and card which tells you all about her if you can read Korean that is!!
I was a tad gutted tho' cos the stock hoodie only has one cheek on it so looks like I may have some complaining to do :( ... that said I am very pleased with her altho' I am a bit confused about why I fell so in love with her tho' seeing as I really can't stand tweety-pie hahahaha!!
oh yes nearly forgot to add her eyes move left, centre and right no sleepy eye action on this one tho' but hey who cares? she's fully jointed and wooohooo finally all mine mauhahahahahaha

My New Girl!

My first and very long awaited Full Size Dal woohoo!
She arrived yesterday ...sod's law it just happened to be the same time as I decided to go to post a letter and arrived home to find her being delivered to my neighbour instead... still it only took me a matter of seconds to retrieve her and remove the shipping packaging ...then came the fun part all those twisty wires that had ideas to keep me getting at my little lady anyhoo long story short I photographed her ... and here she is lol!


I emailed the seller, enclosing a photo of her (single-Cheeked Tweety Hood) and they've sent me a replacement - Woot! So photo's of her "Hood - Up" will be coming real soon!

I don't care that she's all "Cutesy" and nothing like the Punk/ Gothesque one I originally fell in love with ... I love this little girl all the same!

Here's what she looked like all boxed up when she arrived:

She didn't stay like this for long,  there was no way I could just leave her like this!

Magna Heritage Sales Photo, showing all the cool stuffs she comes with:
Rainbow edged visor.
Tweety patterned skirt & top.
Tweety Hoodie.
Tweety patterned Bag.
Tweety skateboard.
Sylvester Glove Puppet.
Yellow Stand.
Tweety top, denim skirt, rainbow belt, long socks and pink shoes (shown on doll).