Wednesday, 31 October 2012

One take on an Artist's Mannequin

Oddly it wasn't me! 

I never even thought to post pictures of my mannequin in a Doll Collector's Group, but somebody did...

posable artist’s mannequin

In fact a few "dolly Collectors" in my Doll Group did just that on Multiply, most of them wanted I.D's for what they thought was a weird "kind of doll". As soon as I saw one of the photos I knew I had to put them right!  One thing that came out of it before I'd had a chance to let them know, was that several of them members started coming up with ideas on how they could customise theirs...

Here's one member's Ooak Michael jackson "Doll"

Sadly I can't remember the username - sorry :(

I have to say, this really inspires me, I hadn't thought of doing anything like this before, but it definitely works...something to try one day!

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