Saturday, 3 November 2012

Horsman 1971 Styling Head Girl's Toy

Meh, I keep finding myself going to look for one thing on Ebay, and find a whole lot more things, I didn't know existed... this Vintage Styling Head by Horsman is one such thing!

As a child I loved, loved. loved the Girl's World Styling Head by Palitoy that so many of my friend's had in  the 1980's, sadly I didn't have one of my own, but as I used to go and play at friend's houses, I got a chance to try them out...I wanted one for years, so when I finally found one recently in a Charity Shop, I just had to have of her to follow soon...

And just  now I've discovered another type, from a similar time period, it's just unfortunate the seller is in the U.S (High Shipping cost to U.K  - $46.70, which Ebay say is Approx: £29.11!) or I'd buy her, as the toy itself is reasonably priced at: $12.22 (Buy It Now) - Approx: £7.62!!
I have no idea why the seller refers to her as having a "swivel bust" though as she has no bust at all, only neck and shoulders, so I guess that should have been "Swivel head" then instead!
Oh well, I guess I'll just have to "blog her" instead and keep my eyes peeled for a U.K based one to buy!

EBAY TITLE: Horsman 1971 Doll Blonde Styling Swivel Head Bust Vtg

 I'd love to know if those eyebrows of hers are made of some kind of "dolly hair", because they really don't look painted on in this photo.

( 29th December 2012 - Update, A very kind reader called April, has put me straight by letting me know those eyebrows are in fact painted on - An excellent bit of painting, I must say, as they really do look like hair in these pic's - Thanks so much April, for the heads up!)

 Aww play - worn hair, but then again for a pre-loved  styling head, this is to be expected!

            No plugs missing as far as I can tell, but definitely thinning on top.

                           She could definitely use some conditioner!

I'm sure those eyebrows definitely are hair of some sort!

She doesn't appear to have any markings underneath, but her suction cups are in pretty good nick considering!

                                                                    Seller's description: 

1971 preowned used Horsman Doll Blonde Styling Swivel Head Bust, made of soft and hard vinyl with suction cup feet.
 Hair is thin on top, make-up blemish on cheek and black spot on her nose.
 The 11 1/2 x 6 1/2 x 5 1/2" bust have wear consistent with play use and storage, will need cleaned, allow pictures to determine condition.

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