Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Julian Clary - Position Vacant, Apply Within Tour

Aaron and I went to see Julian Clary Position Vacant Tour in The Swansea Grand Theatre on the 1st November.

As I've finally found my camera I've been proudly taking photos of all the pretty, new and very classy things we came home with!

So here's our spoils from the evening... 

My Classy new Tea Towel reads "Have a squirt and a Wipe" and our new Mugs, also very classy read "Lick my Rim....I dare You"!! 

It probably sounds odd but none of these items will be fulfilling their original function, as they are destined to be "kept for best" so much so that they will never be used for fear of damaging them, we realised that on our return home, still they are all very pretty and the mugs will make a lovely display inside my glass fronted cabinet!

I always buy a Programme from any show I go to, so that's there too (back left), our tickets are in the photo as well, and we picked up a few of Julian's shamelessly blatant advertising flyers from the foyer!

We also managed to get our hands on a couple of pieces of the shiny confetti he threw about on stage!

To cap off an awesome Evening, Mum who was baby-sitting my little Derp-Pup Roxy in her car whilst waiting to take us home, had managed to escape from the vehicle and Roxy's abandonment issues for long enough to buy us a bottle of wine for when we got home... So the evening was rounded off nicely with tipsy feelings and Pringles!

I do regret that I run out of cash at the gift shop as I would have loved to have also bought the other Tea Towel on offer with a photo of Julian's adorable little dog Valerie sitting obediently next to him...

What swung it for me in choosing the one I did was the wonderfully subtle command under the picture "Have a Squirt & a Wipe", although I am afraid I will have to disobey, as I will be buying a OTT frame for it so I can hang it on my Living Room wall ... see I can be classy too!

I also reasoned that as the Tour had a few more dates to go, and I have just discovered will be continuing into The Spring,  I still have plenty of time to track down a "Valerie Tea Towel" from one of the other venues or possibly even Julian's website.

The only irksome thing about the night was that my battery charger did not work, despite my frantic attempts for days leading up to the gig, and so I had to borrow my Mother's camera for the evening, this would have been fine, only when I got home, I suddenly realised that she didn't lend me her usb lead too, and as I couldn't find mine to see if it would fit, I had to return her camera and beg for the photos as soon as possible so I could add them to my "showing off" images from the night.

However, my Mother exists in some strange time zone that none of the rest of us are able break through, and so I am still awaiting my photos of the Evening's entertainment  all these weeks and several "Get on with it" style prompts later!!

So I guess, for now it is a case of "more images to follow", oh I do hope at least one of them isn't blurry now I've said that, still time (a lot of time) will tell!

Oh and before I go I would be remiss if I didn't tell you that if  this tour comes to a venue near you, take the opportunity to go and see it, Julian Clary is and hopefully always will be a wonderful performer, who really seems to care about his audience, even when he's dealing out a piece of well-timed "bitchery".

You Certainly won't regret it!

  *********** UPDATE - 18-01-2013 ***********

Well I finally managed to get those photos from Mum's camera, it took some trickery on my part, but nonetheless, I have them now and yayness, I actually got a couple that were pretty good, so as promised here they are, enjoy, I know I did!

Not the best photo I could of taken of the stage, but all that sparkling glitter on the backdrop didn't half play havoc with the lens,  the fact I wasn't allowed to use a flash and I have crazy camera shake, didn't help either... Anyhoo, it was pretty, I'm sure you would agree?!

The amazing Mable, at least I think that's what her name is, anyhoo, she was great in this show... that egg's made of pure silver you know? No not really but I needed something to go there and it sounded quite flamboyant, and anyway, I can't really see Sir Julian of Clary doing something so base as using a plastic egg painted sliver, that's just not his style darling!

Julian looking very dapper in his rubberised Wedding Garb, embarrassing his "Bride to Be" as only he can. Interestingly Julian's Bride that night had been with his Life Partner for over 11 years; I'm sure that made for an interesting conversation on the way home, still one can only hope his Boyfriend is understanding!

The "Newly Weds" sharing a last minute embrace. It's also remarkable how lovely the "Bride's Maids" looked given that,  they and the "Bishop" were 5 minutes prior to the "Wedding" rejected by Julian as potential "Husbands" themselves, still they were not bitter and performed their duties admirably, they also look great in Pink!

As I said before, if you do have the opportunity to take in this show, it's defiantly worth seeing, Aaron and I laughed so much we were in pain :P

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