Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Arkham Asylum ...

This little man stated life as an "Expression Doll" which I bought as part of a bulk buy of "victims for art & customs" he had such a crazy-looking face, he just had to be an Asylum Inmate Doll!

I painted his tongue pink so that it showed up better, then got to work making him a little outfit.

I used a small piece of blue fabric I had spare, and made him some regulations pajamas, I finished it off with a   tiny straight jacket sewn out of a piece of canvas, I only had a couple of magenta coloured leather strips which I used for the straps on his jacket - I'll be replacing this at a later date.

                                                   See what I mean about that face?!

The straight jacket can be tied across his back so that it looks more like a real one from the front.

                              I also made him a little "Padded Cell" to be stored in!