Thursday, 6 December 2012

Pedigree Sindy Friend June - 3rd Edition 1975

I've just bought this little lady, the seller listed her as "Vintage Sindy Doll on her head 055014 on her back 033126x on her bottom 033127x", But she is in fact a June Doll.
Now in case you don't know much about June, she is a Friend of Sindy, Pedigree Sindy that is, she was available in the U.K only and she well, here's the gimmick, she wasn't actually sold!

Nope I didn't make that up... June was a kind of "Reward" for any little girls who had bought or been given a certain number of Sindy Doll products, because each item had a heart shaped "Sindy Token" on the packaging and once the little girl had saved up 24 Sindy Tokens, she could send them off to Pedigree and in return, the Postman would bring her a brown box with a "June" doll inside...How cool is that?!

 June didn't come in any fancy clothing or packaging though, just a plain brown box and wearing only her frilly white undies, but that didn't matter as her body is the same size and proportions to Sindy herself, so June could in true "Best Friend Style" go through Sindy's wardrobe and "borrow" some of her stuff to wear!

I'm sure Sindy was fine with this set up, after all the cheapest way to save up all those tokens, would be to buy items of clothing, and therefore Sindy probably had masses of outfits!

June i.d, can become a bit confusing, due to her having nothing but a number on the back of her head, and in a couple of other places on her body - this is what lead the seller who sold her to me to believe tat even though she didn't have Sindy's extremely recognisable face, she must have been a Sindy, as most people had have ever held a vintage Sindy know the number on the back of her head begins with 033! There is also the little matter that she went through 2 previous incarnations before the final June incarnation was produced starting in 1975.

The two previous June Dolls have little in common, so it is not only easy to confuse them with other Pedigree dolls, and most likely it is considered that they be good quality Clone Dolls, but they all also have different body moulds, and in the case of the first June, are a different height and hair colour with not even a hint that the 3 dolls may in essence be the same doll, or a least I mean same in terms of name and where she fits in the "Evolution of Sindy's Friend's Scale".

The second issue and third issue have much more to place them together, but drastically different faces, and hair styles.

Her hair is a little "roughed up" but I like it more like this!
Also, she came in this outfit - even better as it is "Tartan Touch" from  1979!

My June is the third edition of this doll, and to me, she is the most beautiful out of the three, even if she does have a crazy basin-cut hairdo reminiscent of "Purdy" from The New Avengers!

"Good ol' Purdy"!
The first June to be sent out in exchange for tokens, had a dark auburn almost brown shade of hair, was 9 inches high, she had a very odd face to my mind, her lips are slightly pursed looking, which makes them seem rather large and painted a bright pink, which makes them look even larger, size wise she was closer to "Patch" than to Sindy. Her height meant that even though she also arrived in just her "tiny whiteys", she was able to "clothes share" with your Patch Doll, providing you had a Patch Doll, if not then I guess you had to buy Patch clothing for her to wear. I know I'm most likely being cynical but I wouldn't be surprised if that was the point of the June Dolls being all but naked when they arrive!

The second June to be produced and sent out in exchange for tokens, was the same height as Sindy, 12 inches, She had very light, almost white blonde hair with a fringe, a Sindy Trendy Girl Body, red lipstick and her face is reminiscent of the later 1980s Sindy made by Hasbro, which is often referred to by collector's as being a "Smirky Sindy" because her facial expression is slightly mocking from some angles! 

The third edition of June (mine) was made in 1975, the only markings she has on her body are "Made in Hong Kong" on her back and the number codes:055014 on the back of her head, 033126X on her back and 033127X. Her body is the same as Trendy Girl Sindy Body in some dolls - this may or may not be a sign the Pedigree factory were using up spare parts... Also, My June has a twisting waist. 

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