Thursday, 6 December 2012

Pedigree Sindy's Friend Marie.


Sadly I've just found this listing, only to discover it ended 4 days ago! 
Still it gives me an idea of how much I can expect to pay if I ever find one that is still for sale! 

Also I now have an idea of the demand for her when she does come up at auction now too, oddly it wasn't as crazy as I assumed it would be, especially as she is brand new NBRB ( Seller speak for "Never been removed from box") - 

I found out she sold for £33.55 with 5 bids, which I have to say is quite a good profit for the seller, as I note the original price tag reads £6.99!

Personally, I would never have sold her, she is so beautiful, but each to their own I guess!
Marie was introduced in 1986, as a friend for Sindy... she is easily identifiable, unlike some of Sindy's other friends, as not only does she have that beautiful flame red hair, but also  light purple eyes and her name stamped on the back of her head.

There are other versions of Marie available, the most stunning of which, for me is the "royal Wedding"  Marie, which came boxed alongside her boyfriend "Mark", these dolls were produced to coincide with the wedding of Prince Andrew, Duke of York and Sarah Ferguson in 1986, this version is also the most expensive, especially still boxed, but as I am planning to do a review on that incarnation of Marie soon, I'll say no more about it right now!

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