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1970's Girl's World Styling Head by Palitoy

The Vintage Girl's World, sold in the mid to late 1970's, was a Brunette or Blonde Model Hair & Make Up Styling Head with suction caps on the base, so enable it to stand on a table top, and hold still whilst little hands style her hair and practice make up techniques on her face with the make up and hair curlers included.

She also had an extra length of hair inside the head, a small handle on the side of the base was turned to either make the hair grow or shrink back into the head, allowing her "stylist" to change her hair style / length without resulting to a pair of scissors! it could also be washed and styled using "human products" without much damage to the hair itself.

The "styling head" came in a box which also contained an instruction booklet; with details of how to use and  styling Ideas Leaflet containing "Make up and \hair styling Tips".

Also included was 12 Rollers with Elastic "Pin", Hair Net, Hair Grips and several items of Make-Up:

1 Brown eyeliner pencil, 1 Black eyeliner Pencil, Blusher, Blue and Green Eye Shadow Crayons, False Eyelashes, 2 Lipsticks, Hair Colour Applicator Pens; 1 Brush, 1 Comb, 1 bottle of Shampoo and 1 of Hair Conditioner

The Brunette version is much rarer, she came with all the same items as the blonde and worked in exactly the same way.
Both originally came with  black chokers around their necks, which was decorated with a circular clasp. 

                           Occasionally you can still find them with these, like the one below.

My own Girl's World is the Blonde Version, I bought her without a box or accessories. When I got her her hair stunk of cigarettes so I had to wash it, it was pretty gross as it turned the water yellow!

 Thankfully there was no lasting ill effects and her hair now, not only looks great, but is in very good condition and not at all stinky anymore!

Here She is:

Horsman 1971 Styling Head Girl's Toy

Meh, I keep finding myself going to look for one thing on Ebay, and find a whole lot more things, I didn't know existed... this Vintage Styling Head by Horsman is one such thing!

As a child I loved, loved. loved the Girl's World Styling Head by Palitoy that so many of my friend's had in  the 1980's, sadly I didn't have one of my own, but as I used to go and play at friend's houses, I got a chance to try them out...I wanted one for years, so when I finally found one recently in a Charity Shop, I just had to have of her to follow soon...

And just  now I've discovered another type, from a similar time period, it's just unfortunate the seller is in the U.S (High Shipping cost to U.K  - $46.70, which Ebay say is Approx: £29.11!) or I'd buy her, as the toy itself is reasonably priced at: $12.22 (Buy It Now) - Approx: £7.62!!
I have no idea why the seller refers to her as having a "swivel bust" though as she has no bust at all, only neck and shoulders, so I guess that should have been "Swivel head" then instead!
Oh well, I guess I'll just have to "blog her" instead and keep my eyes peeled for a U.K based one to buy!

EBAY TITLE: Horsman 1971 Doll Blonde Styling Swivel Head Bust Vtg

 I'd love to know if those eyebrows of hers are made of some kind of "dolly hair", because they really don't look painted on in this photo.

( 29th December 2012 - Update, A very kind reader called April, has put me straight by letting me know those eyebrows are in fact painted on - An excellent bit of painting, I must say, as they really do look like hair in these pic's - Thanks so much April, for the heads up!)

 Aww play - worn hair, but then again for a pre-loved  styling head, this is to be expected!

            No plugs missing as far as I can tell, but definitely thinning on top.

                           She could definitely use some conditioner!

I'm sure those eyebrows definitely are hair of some sort!

She doesn't appear to have any markings underneath, but her suction cups are in pretty good nick considering!

                                                                    Seller's description: 

1971 preowned used Horsman Doll Blonde Styling Swivel Head Bust, made of soft and hard vinyl with suction cup feet.
 Hair is thin on top, make-up blemish on cheek and black spot on her nose.
 The 11 1/2 x 6 1/2 x 5 1/2" bust have wear consistent with play use and storage, will need cleaned, allow pictures to determine condition.


Evie Sweetie BATMAN JOKER Mannequin Display Art Head Retro

I can't help wishing the Seller had included more details about the type of material the head is made of, and whether or not this one has been carved, because it looks to me as though it just might have been...

It's currently on for £50.00 (Buy It Now) 4 days left (2 offers), below is the ebay title in case you want to copy and paste it into your search bar...
Ebay Title: hand painted Evie Sweetie gothic BATMAN JOKER mannequin display Art head Retro

Evie Sweetie Male Mannequin MAD HATTER (Tim Burton) Display Head

...And now for the Male mannequin heads. It turns out that same seller (Ebay) has 2 more mannequin heads for sale...

This one is for sale (Buy it Now) on, for £100.00,  I can't say I like this one very much, but it does offer an idea of how versatile a canvas these mannequin heads really are, I definitely find it inspiring...

Ebay Title: Evie Sweetie male mannequin MAD HATTER tim burton vtg style retro display head.

Ok so one more, then I'll more onto the Film Character ones!

Another girl by Evie Sweetie that I'm totally in love with!
And another one I have no chance of owning either... she's at auction right now on Ebay, ending in 3 days with 4 bidders :( 

In case you want to try your luck at auction, here's the Ebay Title:

  female mannequin display head Art Deco flapper vtg style retro 1920S GOTHIC

Yep...More Painted mannequin Heads!

I love this girl, she's so beautiful, she doesn't really make me think of Grace Jones though!
Another Auction listing, ending in 4 days, price so far £30.00 with 9 bidders, so I have absolutely no chance of winning her!!
                                                Anyhoo.. onto the info & images...

Ebay Title: Evie Sweetie mannequin head Art Grace Jones VTG style display retro pin up icon.

Ok so it looks like I'm going to have to keep my eyes peeled for more of Evie Sweetie's Work!

Another mannequin Head by the same Ebay Seller, this time it's an auction ending in 2 days with 4 bidders and   a price tag (so far) of £16.00 + P&P... I would so bid on her, but I know I have no chance of winning unless I'm willing to go up to £50+!

I just love the campness of her, she reminds me of a Drag Queen, something so very "Priscilla" about this one!!

I don't think she's supposed to give off that impression though...

Ebay title:  Evie Sweetie female mannequin head Art French Antoinette Deco vtg style retro

Another Awesome "Evie Sweetie" Painted Mannequin Head...

Ebay Listing:  Evie Sweetie mannequin head Art Boho Gypsy Tattoo vintage style display retro.

I find this little lady so beautiful... she's currently on sale in, for £100.00 (Buy It Now), if you'd like to buy her, copy and paste the listing title from above, into your Ebay search bar!

Here's the Seller's Description:

Relisted due to none payment. Here i have for auction a rare chance to buy / bid on a collectors piece of mannequin art by artist is evie sweetie.  NEW it is in brilliant condition, no marks or chips. this is a one off original piece. roughly 40cm tall and made from a rubber hard material WITH SOME WEIGHT TO IT!
great piece of art!! loads of uses.
sold as seen.

Artist Doll from same Seller who has all those Evie Sweetie Busts.

I'm really unsure as to whether or not I like her, but this kind of doll really does inspire me, so I decided I'd save her here so I can refer back to her at a later date, when I've allowed my muse time to work out how I should let this "inspiration" guide me!

If you're interested in owning her, she's going for £65.00 + Postage (Buy It Now) ... just copy and paste the title below into  Ebay and you should find her straight away!


So many reasons to love Female Mannequin Display Heads....

 More things to add to my wish list!

 Vintage Art Deco, Flapper Style  Female Mannequin Head, (Artist Painted)

I found this on Ebay just now, the Seller's asking for £210.00 *sob*

Still, when I can get hold of a mannequin Bust similar to this one,  can always paint myself one!

Birthday Present from My Dad! - 15th June 2009


My new Blythe House measures 26 inches wide ... 25 inches high....13 inches deep!

It has the four main rooms, a cool stairway and landing, working front and room doors, with handles....and enough attic space for all 6 Blythe Petites to have a bed each up there!

Pebble dashed sides, Slate roof & Brickwork patterned front, two cute chimney stacks, Dormer windows, a wooden staircase & pastel painted rooms with mini skirting board around!

front view

Lol told my Dad I'm gonna be spending so much time making this house great that my own house will be going to rack and ruin!

He laughed at me cos I want to get some window boxes and was saying about how at Christmas time they can have little fairy lights up around the place!

Told mum she has to hurry up and fix the tension on my sewing machine as I got little curtains and soft furnishing to make!

Oh and she told me of a place in Swansea where they sell everything for dolls houses and said we can have a day out there soon so I can get some little bits and pieces to decorate etc!

open to show attic space and rooms

when I got it home I had to remove most of the stuff on my dressing table to site it...then I had to get everything out the boxes to see what would fit the scale ... I have discovered I am going to need to buy quite a bit to furnish the rooms oh dear how awful for poor Herbie I hear you cry!

Cool thing is the Triang can now be a 70's pad with 60's / 70's dolls in residence and all to scale (kinda) little kiddie may be a tad short! but the rubber doll from my childhood and soda pop girl fit just right...

Oh and the little Asian doll I got the other day is the perfect size for this Blythe Palace too!

hmmm... wonder what's Japanese for palace? I'm gonna find out and make a little name plaque for this house seeing as it where all the Asian babes are going to be living!!

I'm going to have a great time photographing both my houses when I'm all done decorating room filling making small things etc!!!

it is perfect...It was made just for me!

cute hallway

My Dad's friend has a book of plans etc (he makes houses for a hobby!) and my Dad went around his place and saw the ones they have in their living room and chose what he thought I would want and somehow the one he chose and size was just right for the small people I was planning to house there!

He was saying about how they have one with electricity and lights he was pretty amazed by them it seems until I spoilt it by saying that's what this one is going to have and a little standard lamp in the corner so lol he just acted like my Dad and laughed at me then!

But he's loving the fact I just think he's the coolest Dad in the World!!

Oh dear that reminds me father's day soon lol wonder if that's why he did it?

Typical Susie...spots a new house and straight away goes knocking to see if she can sell some cookies
I'm going to have to make her change out of that Guides costume she hasn't stopped selling cookies to everyone since she's been in it!       * Silly sod forgot to bring the cookies!!*

Visitors already, they are supposed to bring you around a casserole, not sell you cookies, lol try telling Susie that ...she really is becoming a nuisance since Retro Lil' made her that meal gone to her head I think!
Lol I know I'm blessed to have such great understanding parents!

And I'm thrilled to bits with this house one like this was well out of my price range but I couldn't help looking at them and wishing very hard!

Just wish i had a little girl now so I could have someone to pass it onto but you never know Aaron may have one one day (in quite a few years fingers crossed) although my guy does have plans for me on that score!

I Guess time will tell!

❝ Ooak Sk8ta Witch Doll ❞

Herbie's Hand-Mades - Multiply folder dated 31st December 2008

                                                                      Demonic Fairy


                                                                     Boob-Job Barbie

                                                            Evil Dead Doll & Dead Ted'

                                                     Sheila the Pre-Op Transexual Barbie

                                                                   Buffalo Bill Barbie

Reunited Love-Birds!!

                               Whoever said on top of the wardrobe is no place to find love?


Storm Trooper Mr. Potato Head!!

I found this little "Storm Trooper" Mr. Potato Head in Tenevas 29th July 2009 for 50p!!

He has a smile, ears, nose, eyes, arms, legs, feet and helmet with removable front and instead of a gun he has a Potato Masher!!

Odd thing is as soon as I bought him, it somehow became decided that he was Aaron's now :-S the reason being I never stopped him from deciding he had grown out of his standard Mr.Potato Head and got rid of it for him!

Well there is a limit to how many of his toys I could rescue :-S
Never mind I'll just wait until Aaron goes sleepy-bye byes and have a good play! Woot!!!

Sheila, the Transexual Barbie. 2004

Copyright for the images and intellectual idea belongs to Herbie, 2004.

Sheila is a pre-op transexual currently spending a year as a woman before having the operation which will make her a 'real woman'.

She wears a subtle designer mini dress with silver halter neck (handmade by me!) , Crystal drop earrings, Gold eye shadow to bring out the blueness of her eyes and red lipstick. Her hair is naturally long and curly and tied back with a red bow.

She holds a large pink handbag and wears black and pink converse type shoes (it's not easy finding feminine shoes in her size) Her chest is padded out with toilet paper.

Sheila started life as a "Captain Smith" Ken Doll (from Pocahontas), I spotted him sitting in the window of a charity shop I was passing by and the idea came to me in an instant, so I had to buy him, take him home and help him become the woman he wanted to be...I have no idea where the name Sheila came from, it just felt right to call the finished doll that.

Miscellaneous paintings

(Originally Posted on My Site, Multiply -1st January 2009.)

Tina Two....2006.

Thunderbird with Spindle Whorl.  Acrylic on cardboard 1997
Based on carving by Salish People.

planet of the apes. Acrylic on Plywood , 2004

2nd ever attempt at oils

Bateleur Eagle. Acrylic Wash on Paper...1991.


Birth, Acrylic on Plyboard. (Aaron's Handprint) 2004.

Birth - collaboration with Aaron!
(Acrylic Paint on Board)
Software enhanced (to see how it would look!)
Blue Meany (Acrylic on Canvas Board) 1993

Cabaret. (Enamel on P.V.C) 2003


Chaos (Now Obsolete) 2004Cardboard, Polystyrene, Acrylic & Enamel Paint on Board

Paper & Acrylic Paint on board

Close up of Basil Brush
- Acrylic Paint.

Embryonic Me.
 (Acrylic on Plyboard)  2004
Ex-Friend's gnome after I got at it!
Acrylic on Cement. 2002
Sadly it seems that this kind of thing can happen to your Garden Gnome when you're living with me! What can   say? I got offended by his always grinning at me and being lewd every time I made myself a cup of coffee, so I decided to take my paintbrush and extract my revenge while his owner was a t work one day, I think he looks much better now!

fairyland. 2008
(Pen, Brush & Ink)
This is just an experiment really, and still unfinished, as I haven't had time :(

Stencil Graffiti Piece - Spray paint & Pen on Canvas. 2004.

Self Portrait - Graffiti with books.
 Acrylics on Canvas. 2002, for brief on "Identity" College Work.
Granny takes a trip, Acrylics on Plyboard, glued o Gold Painted Tray 2004.

Halloween Disco Poster - 1990,  Indian Ink on Paper.
(I designed this as a poster for the Halloween School Disco in the  4th Year!)

Hel. Acrylic on Canvas (Close up - Unfinished) 2006

part 2 tryptich - Dada
Spray Paint on Canvas. 2003

Self Portrait with flags
 (Acrylic Paint on Textured Board.)
For Identity Brief, College Work 2002

 (Acrylic Paint & Canvas on Board.)

Abstract Self Portrait
Acrylic Paint on Muslin  2003

Angel and Devil.
Paint, Ink & Pencil on Plyboard. 2012.
Dada (close up - Now Obsolete)
A Collage of Found Objects, Paint & Street Finds. 2003.

Dada (remake)
A Collage of Paper, Ink & Paint. 2006.