Tuesday, 5 February 2013

I can't help loving Betty Boop...

I don't know what it is about Betty except for those big eyes, ultra feminine figure and of course her adorable little puppy Pudgy but just looking at an image of her brings back happy memories of long sunny days when the only thing I had make any decisions about were whether I had time to get on my tricycle and peddle around "The Green" (we lived in a Cul de Sac) before the Ice Cream Man drove around and it was time for "The Incredible New Shamoo".

I think in part her appeal for me is due to the fact that it's one of those cartoons where you often get to see "The Artist" or a facsimile of him, who begins drawing and seamlessly, as you watch his artwork comes to life as a small child that felt almost like magic to me, combine that with a beautiful woman who's a tad "dipsy" but not really in an condescending way and who uses her charms and a bum wiggle here and there to get out of trouble - add to that a seriously "get up and move" soundtrack, and it was little Herbie heaven!

Even though the cartoons are in black and white and by today's standard they are really dated - especially the music, but for me; I always saw them and still think of them as being a in colour; that glorious technicolour that only "Hollywood" can provide and I guess in a way that's part of her appeal; in a cartoon world full of anthropomorphic talking animals there lives a beautiful "film star" from Hollywood's Golden Age.

Here's one of her cartoons from 1934:

I'm sure after an introduction like that, it will come as no surprise for you to discover that I have a couple of Betty Boop Dolls in my collection.

The first one, I bought via Ebay from an American Seller, I was impatient and on tenterhooks for almost 2 weeks waiting for her to arrive and hoping she didn't end up lost en route, as I'd fallen madly in love with her and couldn't wait to give her a home.

Part of this doll's appeal for me, besides the obvious was because she is a baby version, and I'd never seen one before, she's also from the 1980's which for me is always a first love when it comes to toys, and came in a cute little animal eared romper suit with a puppy size version of "Pudgy"...

Baby Betty Boop loves Rement Cupcakes!
 This adorable pair were made  in 1988 by Marty Toy (USA) Inc.
 Betty is 5 inches high - (I didn't measure Pudgy!).

 After unpacking, I couldn't resist finding out if my camera loves her as much as I do here she is in the dolls-house with Pudgy on their first photo shoot - I had to bribe her with that cupcake to make her sit still, and Pudgy with a bowl of dog food, as they both got very hungry on the flight over and couldn't wait to explore their new home!

I couldn't resist including this picture as I love the way they are both  reflecting in the mirror. 

While I was waiting for Baby betty to arrive ... A Flickr friend of mine offered me a larger Betty Boop Doll as he had two, they were ex-display models in the shop were he was working and he offered one to me, as she was wearing a Barbie dress when she arrived, which was lovely and silky, but a light golden colour and I felt she would look much prettier in red, turned out I was right too and almost as if it was meant to be...I had bought a beautiful red dress from China several months before but was waiting for somebody to wear it, so when Betty arrived from Brighton I whipped off that Barbie dress and placed her in this Chinese one and wow what a transformation!

This Betty Boop Doll is 12” tall and Marked 1986 Marty Toys (USA) Inc. on the back of her head.

And here she is waiting for her "close up"!

For more info on Betty Boop, go to  -  There's loads of information on there, from her "Biography" and "Filmography" to recent News a shop, Fan Club info and just about anything else you could wish for!


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