Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Makie News ...

A couple of days back I mentioned after receiving the Makie News-Mail re: New Colour choices, that I had a couple of other things to report on the Makie front, well here's a post I spotted from Jen (Makie Staff ) in the Forum regarding pre-punched scalps for re-rooters - this option follows a post from another Makie Forum user / Makie Owner called Poklfil, who had drilled holes into one of her Makie's heads and rooted her with  yarn.

Pokifil's Experiment and following Tutorial caused a big stir in the MakieLabs, who I guess had never thought of this as being an option?

 Anyhoo, they asked a few questions, got a few answers and came up with a couple of Design Prototypes, which would give Makie Owners a few more choices in terms of hairstyles and customising.

Jen announced the prototypes 29th January in the Forum ( http://makie.me/ )via the following posts:

 jen (Staff -120 Posts)

" Hi folks! Inspired by poklfil's rooted hair thread, James has modeled a couple of scalps with holes for your review and critique. Here's the first one, with 2mm holes for yarn/mohair dreads:

Not prototyped on the printer yet, but we're heading that way. How's it looking? Anything to tweak?"

 jen (Staff - 120 Posts)

"And here's the second one, with 1mm holes intended for rooting with finer hair. A bit further to go on this one, we reckon. James is adding a dense row of holes to the perimeter of the scalp – anything else?"

29 Jan, 2013 12:43

 jen (Staff - 120 Posts)

"Extra row added:"

 jen  (Staff - 120 Posts)

"On a related note, I've just chucked up a blog post about another scalp option: part-punched holes.(That's probably not quite the right term, but it's so new we don't know what to call it yet. )"

And Following on from these posts, Jen posted the "Part Punched" version on a different thread in the Forum, and here's the proposed design...

 jen (Staff - 120 Posts)

"James has been a modding and prototyping machine lately! Today, he pinged over a couple of scalp renders with holes, for Makie-makers who'd like to try rooting hair.

He's also mocked up a version that I like a lot. It's got a hole pattern ‘part-punched’ on the underside, with a thin layer of plastic over the top."

"Looks like a plain, smooth scalp until you want to customise it – then you poke through each individual hole and root with your fibre of choice to create the style you want. Cute ‘shaved’ flip! Mohican! Soooo many options…

Early days for this, and it hasn't been prototyped yet, but maybe this scalp… has legs?"

 jen (Staff - 120 Posts) yesterday, 12:05

"Quick update on this: James is sending the 2mm scalp prototypes to print today, and we'll be trying them out on a Makie soon. Watch this space.

Happy Monday!"

So there you have it, rather than just having a wig which is either glued onto your Makie's scalp (I'm informed some come with this, although I haven't seen this as an option in the "Create a Makie" part of the site, or a separate wig, which some Makie Parent's find slips a bit), Makie Parent's now have the option of buying a pre-drilled scalp (dependant on which type of "hair" they want for their Makie) and rooting his / hair hair to suit your own / your Makie's style!

More Makie news to follow...