Sunday, 3 February 2013

The latest addition to my Hujoo family...

My adorable new girl "Maromisa" arrived yesterday morning and as I've been unable to keep myself from plotting how I was going to customise her when she arrived, I couldn't stop myself from starting straight away.

She's a Chocolate Skinned Version of Ciel's "Miri" (see previous posts) - I almost bought one a few years back but as "Mimiwoo" only had the 24 cm girls in either white or apricot skin and I'd noticed she also had boy versions - "Wings" in chocolate skin, I opted to buy a boy version instead, then wait for the chocolate girl to become available if ever.. When they did, I spotted  Mimiwoo was selling baby versions, and so I ended up buying an adorable 12 cm Chocolate Skinned Suve  instead; and just when I decided I'd definitely buy her this time (last month) I discovered  Junkyspot were selling an exclusive Light Grey "Freya" and I just couldn't resist her!

Still never mind, she's here now and she's all mine at last... Here's how she looked while awaiting for her "face up"...

And here's how she looked after she'd been given some eyelashes, a base coat on her lips, very light blush to her cheeks and her new eyes. I'll be adding some more blush to her cheeks and finishing off her lips soon, but so far I'm very happy with how she's coming along. I think the Amber Eyes really stand out against her gorgeous skin tone.

I may have to try and make her a wig soon though, as the one I bought ready for her is sadly too big, as are the other wigs I have waiting for new owners, so right now she's a "Kojak" - Hujoo! I don't mind though, because I think she is stunning with or without hair!

I'm really looking forward to having "Maromisa" finished and making some cute little outfits for her, so she'll be able to met her "brother" Akimoto,  little sister "Ae Sook Aiko", cat cousin "Freya" and having some family photos taken!