Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Prior to Pre-punched Holes came ... Clip ons!

As the title suggests lots and lots of experiments seem to have been going on over at MakieLabs, one such experiment, reminiscent of Mattel's Diva Stars was "Clip on Clothes for Makies"!
Here's the Forum Post:


"She wore blue 3D printed ABS Plastic..."     14 Jan, 2013 12:45

chelseac (Staff - 189 Posts)

"Sulka and James have been playing around with the Makerbot again, and out came this bright blue click-on dress! Well, the front of it at least."

"It’s customized with (slightly fingerprinty) white tack. Looks pretty cute, huh? Can’t you almost visualize it on a Blythe thanks to my sweet photo-framing skills? "

Well this lead to a flurry of replies from Forum Users & Makie parents, and in particular this one from Poklfil started the MakieLabs Staff off on some more experiments, but first, here's what Poklfil had to say:

  poklfil  (Here since 17th May '12  - 1084 Posts) 14 Jan, 2013 16:23

That's neat! The shade is really pretty and I like Polka dots Wonder if you could print a hard cap clip on wig? Like This….

"The doll is Bambola and you can clip plastic wigs onto her head"

Just in case you haven't seen this doll before, she is a 29cm BJD made from French Resin which was sold as an exclusive through Haute Doll - her wigs are also made of resin; for more information on these dolls go to:

In case you're not sure - I'm in love with that Bambola Doll! ... and I guess she worked her magic on the Makie Staff as Chelseac  replied with this:

chelseac  (Staff  - 189 Posts)  14 Jan, 2013 16:41

"Interesting, interesting…I like that doll, and it is convenient to have perma-styled hair, as well. *strokes chin*

Corsets aren't a bad idea, that does seem like something we could do with clip-on bits like this. Belts too, to belt in otherwise oversized clothes? Hmm…"

And so 2 days later, Chelseac posted this ...


chelseac  (Staff - 189 Posts)  16 Jan, 2013 14:17

"More Makerbot experiments!

Poklfil asked about click-on hair in the plastic dress thread, and as it happened, James had already made a couple of wig caps:"

"They’re obviously not on a doll (and not to Makie scale … and a bit smudgy), but what do you reckon? We like the idea. Fuss free! We want them for humans."

They definitely have potential but I'm not sure I'd be up for the "Marge Simpson" version and some of the other suggestions Forum Users came up with, having said that though I'd be quite content with a "Sora" (Kingdom hearts ) or a "Goku" ( Dragon Ball Z ) one!

I also love the 1940's style that the above Bambola Doll is wearing, personally I think more "Traditional" styles are far more pretty, but I do like the idea of some Manga / anime / Game related ones for when my dolls want to "Cosplay"!

For more info, check them out on:

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