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I love Lucy "Lucy is Envious" Pink Label Collectors Edition Lucy & Ethel

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Based on episode 89 of the Cult classic I Love Lucy Show "Lucy is Envious" from 1954; in which Lucy after exaggerating her wealth and status after being contacted by her former classmate to make a charitable donation, in a bid to impress her, unfortunately Lucy doesn't have the $500 she promised and needs to find a way to make money so with Ethel she takes a job promoting the release of a new film called "Women from Mars".

They end up dressed as Martians and have to "invade" the Observation Deck of the Empire State Building... As you can imagine, mayhem ensues!

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Mattel have paid homage to this insane episode with the release of this two Shelly doll pack in 2009.`

The doll's are dressed in replica "Martian" outfits complete with wings and antennas and even their little "Ray Guns" tucked into their belts as Lucy and Ethel wore in the episode.


The dolls stand at approximately 4 inches high, which adds to the appeal of this set for me, I don't think they would be half as cute if they were Barbie sized.

 They come displayed in a clear plastic box against a backdrop which depicts the entire scene from the episode.

This set looks great displayed - I just love everything about it, from Lucy & Ethel's costumes to the backdrop behind them, and of course their funny little pointy noses and adorable ray guns!

I found these girls while nosing around Barbie one day in 2009 and was unable to resist them, I just love strange dolls and they don't come much stranger looking than this pair!

I hit a snag though, I live in the U.K and Barbie Collector only ship to the U.S... I was gutted until one day I was discussing it with a friend of mine who lived in Maryland and he said "Use my address, and I'll send them onto you" - How cool is that?!

Sadly, this is the only way someone like me is able to buy any of Barbie Collectors Dolls, so I try very hard not to look at the site very often, but it is a great way around things providing you have someone in the U.S that you know you can trust.

The other sad thing is that this doll set has been retired by Mattel for several years now, but they can be purchased on Ebay I've discovered and possibly on Amazon (don't quote me on that one!) but if you do go looking on Ebay for these girls expect to pay a lot more than their original $8.00.

If you are interested in browsing Ebay for them, click this link: "Lucy is Envious" and it'll take you straight to the available listings.

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