Sunday, 12 April 2015

Tulia Dil, Thistle & Bon Bon

On 28th December 2009 Ion Tallman submitted his design for a "Garden Mother" doll which he called "Tulia Dil" to the Patch Together Website.

The concept behind his design is, in his own words "For my first submission to Patch together I wanted to make a character from a story I have been working on my entire life. 
Character bio: A young mother Tula-Dil lives in a giant forest with her people the Garden. Garden are a group of primitive plant people. The Garden don`t know that the forest they live in is all that remains of their once great world. An alien queen salvaged the remains of the garden planet (along with parts of many others) and attached them to her massive ship. She hopes to bring the parts together to create a new world." 

The prototype design looked like this:

... And the original doll was to be: "A 5" poseable soft vinyl Garden Native mother doll with a removable grass skirt. -For adult collectors. -Flower boobies will be painted on not sculpted. -Three different color schemes representing seasonal color changes. -Will come with a 2 inch baby Garden named Thistle."
The idea proved very popular and received enough votes that Ion Tallman was successful in his quest for positive feedback and the doll was placed into Patch Together's "On Demand" section - where is was placed awaiting enough pre orders to be placed so that Ion Tallman could see life and made into a tangible object - again it was successful and after receiving the required amount of preorders Ion Tallman was able to bring his creation to life.
The above photograph shows the progression and prototype (first sculpt) of Tula-Dil and her little brother Thistle and his twin Bon Bon, from first sculpt to finished article and subsequent limited edition versions which have been available at various times.

You can follow the progression from first sculpts to completed (finished) design / doll here: Tula-blog
At present the only version which is readily available is the one in the picture above, which can be purchased directly from Ion via his Etsy Shop GrenadineSupreme , which is where I found that photograph and the two below.
The above photograph shows the back of the box, with part of her story written next to a beautiful illustration of Tulia Dil and her siblings.
Here's the information on Tulia - Dil and Co. from Ion's Etsy Listing: "Tula-Dil is a young girl of the garden charged with taking care of her little brother Thistle and sister Bon-Bun. Don't miss your chance at this very rare figure set only available in this shop." 

"Set Includes:
6"Tula-Dil green vinyl figure jointed at the neck arms and legs.
2"Thistle and Bon-Bun mini Vinyl figure Jointed at the neck.

Tula-Dil, Thistle, and Bon-Bun are copyright ©ion Tallman All rights Reserved."

I don't know exactly what it is about Tulia Dil, but she had me intrigued from the first time I saw her in 2011, for some reason she reminds me of those Birdseye Peas adverts from when I was small ... The one where the peas happily bounce into the packets to be frozen - Or maybe I dreamt that.

Now I remember it's The Poddington Peas cartoon from the 1980's... See what I mean?

 Anyway Tulia Dil reminds me of peas and as you can probably guess, I've taken the plunge and ordered the set, I think Mudwamp, Ponda & Wanda will really enjoy having some "Gardens" around to play with...