Friday, 15 May 2015

╰✿ I've got a Bellyache! ✿╮

I started this post, uploading all the images on 15th May 2015, but for some crazy reason I never got around to writing my intro', talking about the images and generally just showing off... I know I got into playing with the Makies once their photo-shoot was over, so I guess that's why I ended up so sidetracked that I never got back to this post... until now that is! 

Bellyache arrived at the same time as both Rainy Daze and Juniper (the limited edition, made for you, Spring Event Makie) to be honest, I was in total Makie Heaven that day, so it's no wonder I ended up playing when I should have been blogging!

So much time has now passed so without further ado, I better get on with it...

Bellyache came in an outfit which included red trainers, but it wasn't until I removed her from her box that I realised that she didn't come wearing them, instead she is bare foot and the trainers were included in a separate package. 


This is because they are the kind of shoes that are made to be attached directly to the doll's ankles like a Bratz doll and not over the top of her feet like most other shoes.

Also included is a booklet showing new items available for purchase and a couple of stickers.  I have to admit, I really love the way these dolls are packaged.

The cardboard tube is so sturdy and keeps the doll from being damaged in transit. The inner sleeve - which the doll is secured to is also sturdy and very easy to remove from the outer packaging, you just have to pull it gently upwards. 

 The doll is secured to this inner card by ribbons, as this is such a gentle way of securing her there are no dents in her clothing or marks across the doll's body, and again it is very easy to remove, you just have to pull one end of the ribbon and the whole thing opens and can be pulled out of every hole at the same time as it is opened.

Once I had her unsecured and removed her hairnet it was time to examine her in more detail. As you can see from the photograph she is a bit confused and looks very concerned about this aspect of her "Welcome to your new home"!

Oh man, I've upset her so much, I think she might burst into tears at any moment. On the plus side, I'm really pleased that the eyes I'd chosen weren't just a plain dull grey and actually have a lot of depth to them, really stand out against her skin tone and her wig is so soft, good quality and easy to style.

After being thoroughly freaked out it was time for Bellyache to meet her new "3D Sisters", thankfully the initial meeting went very well... It turns out Juniper's quite a chatterbox.

Once the initial meet and greet was out the way it was time for the three fairy folks to line up for a comparison photograph. I love how even though I designed each of them with similar features they are all unique.

On the subject of her skin tone, I was very impressed with the coverage of the dye. From my own experiments with dying Makie "skin" I know this isn't such an easy job and can often leave patchy marks which are either darker or lighter than other areas if you don't suss out the knack. 

Bellyache's however, is pretty uniform with the only areas where there is a tonal different being the knee, elbow and ankle joints, although it isn't very noticeable.

After begging me to take her hair off, Bellyache wanted to try one of the froggy hats that both Rainy Daze and Pendle have been wearing... I wonder how cool she'd think they are if she found out they are actually crocheted egg warmers?

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