Wednesday, 13 May 2015

☆╮"Wishful Thinking"╭☆

This was my Dad's first attempt at Photoshop in 2010, I think he must have been trying to live out his childhood fantasies through photo editing techniques!

I was so impressed when I saw this photograph ... I can't get my head around all those gadgets Photoshop has and I end up getting really frustrated when I try and use it, I've been promising myself I will master it one day tho'! 

    Since nailing it on his first attempt my Dad went on to pass a diploma in design technology (Photoshop based), at the same time and since graduating he was teaching Photoshop for 20 or so pensioners (for Age Concern) part time...

    Not too shabby my daddy!!

    Sadly though he had to give it up as Age Concern couldn't supply the funding needed to pay for the overheads to keep the course running.

    The pensioners loved it so much and their monthly photography field trips and subsequent Exhibitions that they pleaded with him to keep the course running, even attempting to fund it themselves after a month it became obvious that it just wouldn't be possible and without coming under the banner of "Age Concern" they were unable to raise funds through grants etc.

    It seems fun things that older people really enjoy, that keep them fit, socialising and give them something to look forward to are not cost effective for Old Age Charities and our local Council and it just had to close.

    I really proud of my Dad, can you tell?!