Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Bride of Frankenstein and the monster Target Exclusive Merry Monsters™

A few years ago a friend of mine - fellow doll lover and Horror Film Fan sent me these two little cuties from Maryland USA.

I instantly fell in love with them and I'm so lucky as he always sends me the coolest dolls and like these two very often I've never seen or heard of them before or if I have am unable to buy them in this Country.

I spent a long time trying to find information on these girls and discovered that they are from Mattel's Merry Monsters range, made exclusively for Target stores and sold in 2009.

                                                              Miranda and Kayla

Well butter me lucky 'cos we certainly don't have any Target stores in Wales (not that I'm aware of anyway).

 Nagabbit where I live; in a small village with a population of  1, 307 (measured in 2001) nestled into the base of a mountain, we don't even have our own Post Office (anymore) - maybe Cardiff has a Target, but nagdabbit that's over 56 miles away!

Anyhoo, I'm digressing the point is I didn't have to go and look for a Target or have to have anyone tell me about these dolls because my awesome buddy Kyle just knew that I would love and want them and sent them to me in a big box of goodies!