Thursday, 31 January 2013

Email News from the MakieLabs team!!

Well well, looks like the MakieLab Team have finally come up with the goods and found a way to  add a choice of colours which they've now added alongside the original white version (now renamed "Ice Frosting" ) which you can chose to have added as a "blush" on your doll.

The three new colours are "Strawberry Milk" - a pale pink / flesh tone, "Cocoa Bean" - self explanatory! and  "Pale Pistachio" - a well I'm too not sure how to describe it, MakieLabs call it "a Supernatural Shade" but in terms of actually naming the colour, well in some pictures it looks light grey, but in others a kind of yellowish green with a hint of grey, so yeah I guess "Supernatural" is probably the best word for it!

Here's the preview I had earlier when I opened up the email: Email - 30th January 2013

The link in the email took me to this page on the MakieLabs Website, with these pictures, (I've had to take a few screenshots as I couldn't fit it all in), which give a much better idea of the likely shades on offer at this present time - oddly the "Pale Pistachio" looks like a beige or tan colour in these photos....
Left to right: "Strawberry Milk", "Cocoa Bean" and "Pale Pistachio".
 Even odder "Pale Pistachio" looks more like the light Tan shade I achieved with Rit Dye in the above photos (see  my last Makie Post for reference), yet in the ones I found in the "Press Pack" have a more greenish hue, odd because its the same doll photographed throughout!

As you can see the back plate of  the "Cocoa Bean" variation is much darker than the "skin tone" of the rest of the body - this is due to the fact these dolls are not made in one solid piece as several of the body parts are removable for customisation and so these body parts are of  a different thickness to the non-removable parts, which are a lot thicker.

Being thicker the non removable parts are a lot less porous to the removable ones and so paint or dye will not be absorbed at the same rate or overall intensity (of finished product) than it is on removable parts such as the "back plates".

Under the section entitled "Hand Dyed?" (see picture below) they explain these differences with the following statements: "Simple nylon fabric dyes work to create beautiful new shades of Makie. On some of the darker shades the grain of the print is more pronounced, less so with the light shades." 

They go on to add: "There are variations in colour: darker in places, lighter in places. Like hand-finished clothing, each finish is unique to your one-of-a-kind Makie."

On the MakieLabs blog they say: "in a nutshell, you can now order Makies in three new shades in addition to classic white (which we’ve named Ice Frosting - yum!). We dip-dye Makies during the production process to create these colours – it’s a step between printing and finishing, which means that at the moment we can only blush new orders. However, we’ll be releasing the dye recipes shortly for folks who want to blush their Makies at home."

The following pictures I found in the "Press Pack" and have collaged them to make it easier to identify and choose between them in these close up pictures.

Top left to right: "Strawberry Milk, "Pale Pistachio".
Bottom left to right: "Ice Frosting" & "Cocoa  Bean".
The "Introduction post" gives some interesting details regarding the colour coverage and overall effect, which I'll quote for you here in case you didn't read it on the photos above or were just looking at the pictures...

One of the things I'm glad they addressed is the way the skin looks rough (for want of a better word) in the pictures of "Cocoa Bean", while in the lighter shaded dolls they have the appearance of having smooth skin, anyhoo, enough talking, here;s how they describe the doll's new skin tones:

Strawberry Milk - "Strawberry Milk is the sweetest, most delicious shade of all. It is chilled, and delicious. Just a blush of something special."

Pale Pistachio - "A big favourite at Makielab HQ, and a surprisingly flattering and subtle shade of Zombie. Or Elf.".

Ice Frosting - "Our first, porcelain-white Makie" -  "Ice Frosting will forever be an option, for those of you wanting the cooler, more ethereal Makie. Spookily smooth."

Cocoa Bean - "Like chocolate mixed with fresh cream and stirred with a warm wooden spoon. Cocoa Bean brings out the unique grain of your doll. Interesting, with woody undertones."

To add one of these new skin tones to your Makie Doll, you have to choose the colour option during the design process, here's my latest Makie "Pengelli" in the design stages, which each of the available "skin tones" so you can get an idea of how your doll would look depending on the colour chosen...  

Pengelli  with "Ice Frosting skin tone"

Pengelli with "Strawberry Milk skin tone"

Pengelli with "Pale Pistachio skin tone" - very "Ghoulia yelps"

Pengelli with "Cocoa Bean skin tone"

Once you've decided on your Makie's skin tone, sex and everything else, just give him or her a name,  optional character traits and then click the "Save Button" and you're Makie is now ready for you to either buy as a doll, use as an Avatar or keep and tweak until you've got him or her exactly as you want them to be.

It seems this is the week of announcements over at MakieLabs - lots of cool and exciting things have been happening, so I now have a couple more Makie related things to share with you, which I'll be posting over the next few days...

In the meantime, you can click this link: (Making Makies) and have a go at making your own Makie.