Monday, 28 April 2014

Sindy Flock Haired Tester Doll - aka - "The Old Bouffant Headbutt"!!

As this doll is a "Ghost Sindy" I thought she should be a bit Goth looking, but beyond that I really had no ideas of what to do with her, so she ended up becoming little miss experimental instead!

I had already started on her fringe but as the rest of her head was pretty wrecked and Andy aka Bouffant Headbut; a Flickr friend of mine had recently told me his secret - how he flocks his doll customs...

The two things began to gel together in my head and so poor "Ghost Sindy" became my flocking guinea pig, after all I reasoned if it goes wrong, it doesn't really matter as she was pretty knackered as she was so why not see if I could do the Bouffant Headbutt Style flocking on her, or as I like to call it "Give her the old Bouffant Headbut"!

And this is the result:

The corset top is from some stock pieces for Pullip that I bought a few years ago and had no idea what to do with ... I've coupled it with some leather look Little Big Eyes trousers that were left over after my "Alice" custom was finished,  which look fab on her and yay actually fitted perfectly!!

The first thing I tried before I'd even removed the hair was to "tidy up" her make up as the paint from her lips had bled somewhat and is quite distracting ... but after I repainted them, she looked like one of those old ladies who think they still have full lips and end up getting it on their teeth and halfway up their face!!

So I just removed it and left her without ...  now she looks  like she's gotten drunk and smeared it all over the place instead!

Hopefully one day I'll work out a "cure" for this, but to be honest I've gotten so used to her having smeared lipstick that I think it kind of suits her and goes with "her look" quite well!

After a while, I uploaded her picture to Flickr and was so surprised to get so many compliments on her as I was still thinking I should do something else to "finish her off", but after receiving invites to add her to doll groups and the amount of attention she was getting, I decided maybe I should leave her be, after all I could end up ruining her completely.

Now that she's been like this for several years I feel she really is "finished", I love the way she looks right down to her drunken lipstick smears!