Monday, 12 October 2015

Proof MGA really do care!

I originally posted these screenshots up on Flickr when I discovered this awesomeness and have sadly only just rediscovered this post in my Drafts Folder waiting to be posted here - some four years later!


I guess it's possible there are some people who were not aware of this, so in that case... Better late than never!

June 7, 2011

Travelling on the web the other day I found

Screenshot, Bratz website
 Intrigued by the "Bratz Won" logo in the bottom right of the screen and knowing it's obviously
about the battle that was raging with Mattel a while back...I clicked it and ...

... I found this! screenshot 2

A nice little message from those friendly people over at MGA ... Thanking their fans!!

How cool is that?!

I gotta say they've really gone up in my estimation most big companies don't ever bother saying thank you to their fans like that ..