Sunday, 4 March 2018

1989 Tetris Board Game by Tomy
Created in 1984 by Russian Computer Engineer and Video Game Designer Alexy Pajitnov while working at The Academy Of Science in Moscow, it quickly became one of the best known and most loved games in existence not least because it was available on every home computer (Commodore 64, Spectrum, P.C etc) as well as Arcade Machines and hand held consoles.
The premise is extremely simple, the player must rotate and fit one of 7 different coloured, randomly generated Tetrominoes into a grid as they fall from the top of the screen. The aim is to make a complete line across the grid, each time you do so that line is removed from the grid. 

 As the game progresses the Tetrominoes fall faster - if you aren't able to make enough complete lines and remove them from the grid, the Tetrominoes will pile up higher and higher until they reach the top of the grid. If this happens the game is lost.

In 1989 Tomy released a board game version of the well known game which works on the same principle. The grid is smaller as unlike the computer version of the game you play against another player.

To begin you move the central dividing slider to dead centre of the board and then press the button at the side of the board.

This generates the shape of the Tetromino and like the Video Game its entirely up to you which way you rotate it and where you place it in the grid.

When a player completes one or more lines, they move the central slider towards their opponent the  number of lines indicated by the key on the side of the board. The game continues until one player runs out of room on their side of the board.

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