Saturday, 3 March 2018

ª"˜¯¨¨* Oz The Great and Powerful - Oscar Diggs doll by Jakks Pacific*¨¨¯˜"ª

Maybe it's the purist in me, but I really didn't enjoy this film. I enjoyed reading Frank Baum's OZ books and the 1939 film with Judy Garland e al, this film however really grated on my nerves.

It has some interesting aspects, artistically it's brilliant, the flying monkey, while I found him out of place and very annoying is adorable, same goes for China Girl and the adorable little pink fairy thing. The background story of The Wicked Witch of The West was interestingly portrayed and I loved the look of her, I also liked that they gave more of a background on the charlatan who went onto become The Wizard also known as Oz The Great and Powerful. 

I did however, love the look of him, he's very dapper with his top hat, three- piece suit and Gladstone bag. So when the doll version of him was released, I couldn't resist him.
I have a bit of a thing about boy dolls, although the ones I like tend to be very few and far between. 
The fact that he came with a mini China Girl only added to his appeal for me, that said though I would definitely have preferred a little flying monkey too instead of the charm included in the packaging.

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Jakks Pacific's Oscar Diggs Doll is also one of the more facially attractive male doll's I've seen in a long time, most have very generic faces, such as in the case of MyScene boy dolls.

His outfit is beautifully made and presented and puts me in mind of Steam Punk style, which was another reason I wanted him. I think he's a really good candidate for customisation and would benefit from a make over to put him more in line with the way I've been envisioning him.