Tuesday, 12 February 2013


Here's another stunning Vintage doll I'd never heard of until I found a listing for her on Ebay a month or so back.

I would have bid on her but there was a huge bid war happening on her and I know I'd have no chance if I joined in, so I nabbed the listing photo so I could keep a record of her in case one day I see her again. 

At the end of the listing, I checked how much she went for and discovered she cost £51.00!

She was made in the 1960's as evidenced by the artwork on her box, is most likely a Sindy clone or a Tammy fore runner, this is her original packaging, her dress is pretty plain, but she has the bonus that she comes with a changeable head so she could be either a brunette or a blonde depending on how you feel and has a raincoat to wear as her name suggests, a head scarf with safety pin an umbrella and her Wellington boots... 

She is definitely another one for my wishlist even though at present I don't know anything else about her!

I'll update if and when I find out more, but for now here's a pretty picture:

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