Sunday, 10 February 2013

❦ Schwartzkopf and Blythe too! ❦

I've read a few things in Flickr groups recently where there were discussions on how to dye Blythe Doll's hair, but I just thought - "hmmm... why not just make a new wig or re-root?

So is it possible to find Hair dye especially for Blythe Doll's nylon hair?

I have no idea, but last night I was duped for a while - when I thought I'd actually found it!

Here's how it happened I was searching for Tibetan lambswool plates on Ebay, when I spotted a range of hair dyes with Blythe Dolls on the box, now of course that is something that really interested me - But what it turned out to be - I have no use for this right now - is  hair dye for humans, with a gorgeous little Blythe Doll on the box!

 It's made by Schwartzkopf with "models" supplied by Hasbro ( Owners of the Blythe™ ) the product range is called "Fresh Light" made for the Asian market and I believe it is very likely that the product has great appeal for Blythe owners who wish they had hair the same colour as their Blythe Doll and not the other way around, like I originally thought!

The dyes are available in foam, spray and crème versions so you have a choice of which type you find easiest to use and an added bonus is that unlike most other hair dyes and bleaches even the scent is kitsch - it's Green Apple people, now that's got to be tempting - there's something about that smell that always takes me back to bath time as a small child, but I digress..

I have to say I'm pretty amazed at the range of colours, at first I assumed it was just the few I'd seen on Ebay, but I found a link on one listing which took me to the full product range, so I have taken screenshots from there, so you can see just how many and what kinds of shades are available in the "Blythe range".

I've included the link under each "shot" for convenience, just copy and paste it into your browser..

 I'm also intrigued as to who approached who with the idea of using Blythe as a marketing Icon for this product.

I can't help finding it in some ways reminiscent of the adverts for certain carpets in the 1960's which utilised the photogenic qualities of Pedigree Sindy Doll in their marketing campaigns.

As I'm still very much into Schwartzkopf "Live" Cyber Purple, and this probably won't be hitting any shelves near me for a long time, it's not very likely that I'll succumb to the dolly advertising any time soon, but it is readily available on Ebay for anyone who is interested and I will be keeping it in mind for another time... if only for the box!

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