Monday, 11 February 2013

☆ More Ebay Finds that have become Wants! ☆

On Ebay a few months back, I found a beautiful doll, I'e seen before - more for my "Eyes Peeled List" - this one was being sold as BNIB but it's obvious to me she has been removed at some time, and the box is in a hell of a state, neither of these things would really bother me, but when a doll comes with a high price tag due to her BNIB status, I decided to pass.

The doll is a LACE Celebrity Rock Star Doll by Creata Toys made in 1987 and if you ask me - definitely based on Tina Turner - which explains why she's so beautiful!

Anyway, here she is and her bashed up box, which oddly has "Barbie is a registered Trademark of Mattel Corp" written on bottom of the box, anyhoo here she is:

I have a couple of Creata Dolls in my collection, but they are nothing on this beautiful girl... still maybe one day I'll be able to add her or another one similar to them!