Tuesday, 12 February 2013

⇉ 1920 Article Scientific Invention Patents Motors Dolls Hair Curler Windmill ⇇

A while ago I found this page of advertisements on an Ebay listing and just had to save it here, I thought that one day when I get around to doing a "Steam Punk" collage or find another use for it, it will come in handy, so I decided the best way to save it and save space on my hard drive at the same time is to use my blog as a storage space (to some degree anyway).

"This is an original 1920 one-page article (one single-sided page) of a variety of scientific invention patents.

CONDITION:  This 91+ year old Item is rated Near Mint / Very Fine. Light aging throughout. No natural defects. Some light surface rub. No tears. No water damage. Please note that there is print on the reverse."

The seller had listed some information about it, which surprised me and so I've copied and pasted that here too ( in italics, above). 

The title for this post is the same one the seller used to list the item on Ebay, so if you'd like to own the original - if it's still available - my advice is to copy the title and paste into your Ebay search bar, you never know, you may get lucky!

Obviously as this a scaled down image of the original it may not take to enlargement very well - the picture below is the largest size I have been able to make the image.

Maybe you'll have better luck or know a few tricks - if you chose to use it that is!