Saturday, 21 March 2015

♥♥♥ Exclusive First Edition LAMMILY DOLL ♥♥♥

Since the Crowdfunding and eventual release of Lammily in 2014, I've been fascinated by the idea of these dolls and itching to get my hands on one.

I had all the information, Crowdfunding pages, and eventually the Lammily Official Website bookmarked for ages and periodically checked back for updates etc...

Well today, I finally decided to take the plunge and have ordered myself one, and a cute little outfit too - I'll get to the spare outfit later in this post though, for now here's a little low down while I wait for my new girl to arrive...
The selling point and reason why they have been the subject of much controversy is their body shape and the fact that the intention is to give children an alternative "more like me" type of doll instead of the "I wanna be just like Barbie" cue bulimia influence that a lot of parents worry about.

I understand their fears, I'm a parent myself after all, not of a girl but I do have five nieces so I can see where they are coming from, but I can't help wondering how parents now feel about the crazy proportions of Monster High Dolls and omg, just look how they've taken off and the amount of small girls doing Monster High make-up tutorials on YouTube etc, 

But that of course is a digression, the point of this post is Lammily Dolls... 

Image taken from Crowd Funding campaign 

I can't help agreeing that these days, parents need all the help they can get in helping their little girls to attain a positive body image, hell boys aren't immune from this issue too.

 I know this from personal experience ( I have a son and three nephews), so I say - why the hell not, it's worth a try anyway ... If it only helps one girl to realise she doesn't need to harm herself to feel good about her body, then it's done it's job and it's well worth the money paid for it...

Apart from the above images, taken from the website the other thing that has caused much controversy is the description of these dolls: 

"The fashion doll with a realistic body shape. The Lammily doll is the first fashion doll made according to typical human body proportions to promote realistic beauty standards and help your child develop a positive body image!"

"Eleven inches tall and ready for action with articulated elbows, hands, knees, and feet. Includes 1 doll with ombre blouse, denim shorts, and white sneakers."

Lammily comes in a beautifully illustrated box, depicting the doll herself carrying her packed suitcase as she's about to embark on her journey to her new home.

Once the box is opened there is another beautiful illustration and the word "Hello" written in 10 languages.

She comes with a leaflet inside, which I suspect details her journey from idea, to Crowdfund to creation - or at least I hope so! 

But I'll know more about this when she arrives, in fact I'll be doing a full review of her once she arrives, so keep checking back to find out more!

I love the images of the inner (doll placement) portion of the box, showing the doll against a beautiful backdrop - so many dolls come with either clip art like images or just plain cardboard inner boxes that this is such a delightful change and really makes the doll stand out.

And here's a close-up of her face, sadly it looks similar to Barbie's but again, I'll know more about this soon, when she arrives.

The listing description states the doll is: "Eleven inches tall and ready for action with articulated elbows, hands, knees, and feet. Includes 1 doll with ombre blouse, denim shorts, and white sneakers.

Only Lammily branded fashions will fit on the doll."

Time to start sewing then I guess!

That said I couldn't resist buying one outfit with her as I'm not 100% sure that I'd really want to keep her in the outfit she comes with, so after looking at the "Lammily Branded Fashions" available on the website these are found under the heading: "Lammily World of Fashion" - which fits in with the idea of this doll being some kind of world traveller, an idea I got from looking at her suitcase.

Also each outfit is listed under a different Country or place: New York, London, Scotland, Denmark, Paris, Rio & Barcelona ...

Anyway, I opted for this cute little number, it's called  "Rocking London".

There are several reasons I couldn't resist this little outfit, one if London is somewhere that is deeply entrenched in my psyche, I grew up in Walthamstow, North East London, and visited the city often, it's somewhere I've always loved, the sights, sounds, smells - even the tourists! 

Even though I now live in Wales, I still have friends and family in that part of the World and endeavour to visit as often as I can (these days that's not often at all), more often than not my visits to London involve a West End Show or an Exhibition at one of the awesome Museums and Galleries I've always enjoyed visiting...

I have to admit, I've never seen anyone in London wearing this type of outfit,  the reasoning behind it according to the product listing is:  

"London is the birthplace of punk and the land of the royals, so why not do as the Londoners do and look spectacular in a mix of both?

 This outfit is regal enough to get you into see the crown jewels and edgy enough for you to fit in with the locals at Camden Market.

Includes: grey heathered and ribbed trimmed turtleneck top, tweed jacket with black buttons and patent belt, tartan plaid pencil skirt, hounds tooth scarf, black leggings and black stiletto heels."

My guess is, that idea / description was invented by someone who doesn't know London or Londoners at all! 

Never mind though, the outfit is pretty cool, ever since seeing Punks in London in the late 1970's and early 1980's I've had a thing about tartan, and I just can't resist dolls in tartan, especially if they have mohawks!

What I loved about his outfit in particular is that you can mix and match it to make four different outfits - five if you count the outfit as they put it together, using every item, and it comes with a pair of black  high heels which are also a very versatile item to have in any doll's wardrobe. 

If you add items from her original outfit with them, you get another three or four outfits, with a choice of either casual or heeled shoes for each - Not bad for an extra $20.00!

 Also, that box with the iconic images of  Westminster and a red Post Box - it's just too much for me to resist!

Another thing they offer for sale on the Lammily Website is a pack of something called "Lammily Marks"I totally get the idea behind this but is it really necessary?!

Basically, what this amounts to, is a packet of so-called imperfections in the form of stickers which you can stick onto your doll!

 Honestly, I'm not making this up, they look like this:

These cost $7.00 a pack, the description states: "Now your dolls can have freckles, acne, cellulite, the occasional booboo, and more!

These clear vinyl stickers can be repositioned and reapplied to customize your doll.

38 reusable stickers on a sticker sheet.

Cellulite, Stretch marks, Freckles, Acne, Glasses, Blushing, Adhesive bandages, Moles, Temporary Tattoo, Stitches, Scrapes & Scratches, Bruises, Cast, Scars, Mosquito Bites, Grass and Dirt Stains"

Firstly, I'd like to ask anyone who knows these things, what the heck a "booboo" is? 

But anyway, so these "marks", imperfections, call them what you will are apparently supposed to give your doll an even more realistic vibe - that idea, I understand, but...

Personally I can really only see these items being used once before they get stuck to the carpet, lose their stick or end up glue side covered in fluff and hair - and then only for the novelty factor...

I think it would have been much better to make the doll with these "marks" actually in the plastic.

Also, I like the idea of stretch marks - what stripy bellied Mother wouldn't?

To my way of thinking  it would have been great if Midge's post baby belly had stretch marks!

But seriously, Moles? Imperfection? - throughout the ages they have been known as Beauty Spots, please don't tell me Marilyn Monroe's face wasn't perfect just because she had a mole on it?!

Or are we supposed to buy back into the "Marks of the Devil" vibe and start burning moley dolls at the stake again - sorry if I seem a bit well angry about this, but for someone who is covered in moles and also a Wiccan, I really cannot condone these perceptions.

I thought the point was to promote positive body image?

Seeing as Lammily is supposed to be based on the average body size of a 19 year old (American?) woman, surely she'd most likely have many of these marks too?

I know I did, only the very luckiest of teenagers do not have acne at some point, also having been a chubby in early childhood and losing my "Puppy Fat" (as my Nan called it) as I got further into my teens, I had stretch marks in the areas in which I'd lost that weight...

 I was 19 when I gave birth my Son, I now love my stretch marks I have to say - they're a good reminder... sometimes I look at "my boy" and realise he's actually a grown man with a full beard and I think "How can that be?"

One look at my beautiful stretch marks and I know!

I must be missing the point, maybe the point of the marks are so children with moles, stitches, broken limbs in plaster casts and everything else can add these to their doll and in doing so make them even more like them, but if so....

Why not call them something else, why not promote them as "Life Marks" or "Distinguishing Features" instead?

Ok. rant over, another thing I found pretty cool is once you have decided on a name for your doll, you can go to and make her a "Passport" well it's more like an open passport, but still it's a pretty cool little thing.

 The resulting Passport can be downloaded as a PDF and printed off or saved. 

I don't normally name my dolls prior to meeting them but something about writing this post, probably triggered by childhood memories that came to me while I was writing about the outfit I bought with her and the fact she's a traveller, got me thinking of this girl as a Romany, one of my friends when I was growing up was a Romany and she seemed to have such a magical way of life to me...

And so, the idea was formed my girl is a Romany Gypsy now I just needed a name, then it came to me I had a look at the word list on and fell in love with the word "Aranya" meaning "Lady" which also has a very Hungarian sound to it, although the site lits the Hungarian Romani word spelling as "Araunya"  but I like the first spelling better so "Aranya" it is!

And here's her passport ready to be printed and waiting for her.
I could have changed the date of issue from the American to the English, but I figured seeing as she's travelling from America, it makes sense that her "Passport" would be issued in America, therefore the date should remain in American too!

I like the fact they also included this picture of the doll sitting down so you can see the knee articulation, although I would have liked them to have included a underwear or naked image of her in the listing, showing how much her body differs to a Barbie's, after all - that is the selling point of this doll right?

I've recently discovered that they are now showing up on Ebay but with a hiked up price...

 The cheapest you can buy them for is $29.99 (approximately £20.10) with $17.51 (approximately £11.73) Shipping cost - making the total cost $47.50 (£31.77) but if you buy directly from the doll cost is $25.00 (£16.83) and shipping to the UK is $13.95 (£9.39)  - making the total cost $38.98 (£26.07)!

Ok so it's only a $8.52 (£5.70) saving, but why pay extra to an unofficial seller when you can get the same item almost £6.00 cheaper direct from the maker and therefore, have an easier time when contacting them if  anything is amiss with your doll and you need to get in touch? 

Full review (with nakie pictures) will be posted as soon as she arrives!


Friday, 20 March 2015

๑ↀᆺↀ๑ Petworks Sekiguchi Odeco Nikki Cat ๑ↀᆺↀ๑

On 6th June 2009, I published a post stating how I really wanted a Nikki Cat doll by Petworks... Well it's taken me 5 years but I've finally got one!

Meet Murgatroyd, my beautiful "Rompers" Nikki doll 

Seller's photo 

She came to me in her original box with her cute little romper suit and green shoes, also inside the box were a cute little handmade dress and her leaflets too - one of which has a pattern for a different dress on it...

I've made one dress from this pattern already and also adapted it to make my own design :3

I will upload the pattern soon once I manage to get a good photo of it, I'll also get Murgatroyd to do a little fashion show too - any excuse!

Nikki dolls are approximately 8 inches tall and have the same body type as Kumabolo and Usaggie dolls, foot size too so they can share clothes and shoes.

The great thing about that too, is that patterns you find for one also fit the others so it gives a lot of scope when making little outfits for them.

The only bodily difference is that Nikki have a much larger head and "sleep" eyes - these can be changed by removing the plate on the back of her head.

My Nikki came with a leaflet showing you how to do this, which I've uploaded here:

Petworks have also published this "How to" on their website which if you prefer, is available here:

If you choose to replace Nikki's eyes with glass or even acrylic ones, you will need to purchase 22mm eyes for the purpose.

I have no plans to do this anytime soon myself as I'm just so happy to finally have her and to me she is absolutely perfect just as she is!

Thursday, 19 March 2015

♥.•:*¨*:•.♥ Pipos Cheshire Cat Resin BJD ♥.•:*¨*:•.♥

Regular readers of my blog will know I have a thing about "Anthro" dolls and if you've read some of my earlier posts you'll be aware that one doll I've always coveted is the Cheshire Cat doll by Piposland.

As I've previously mentioned, I have recently come into a bit of money and have decided to spend some of it on dolls I wouldn't be able to afford otherwise, of course there was no way I could let the opportunity go by to get my hands on one of these gorgeous little personages!

Pipos Cheshire originally came in two skin tones - White and Grey, but have since added two more colours - Minty Star and Orange Star.

Here's the size details, as listed on the Pipos website:

Height: 21cm ( including ear length )
Head circumference: 17.5cm
Neck circumference : 5.8cm
Shoulder Width : 4.5cm
Arm length : 8cm
Length from the shoulder to the wrist : 5.8cm
Back length : 4.8cm
Chest: 10cm
Waist circumference: 10.8cm
Hip circumference: 12.8cm
Leg length: 8cm
From waist to ankle: 8.2cm
Foot size: 3cm
Pipos comes with a choice of tail and they both have different measurements :

Style A: 
Length : 7.4cm
Girth 3.3cm

Style B:
 Length : 9.2cm
Girth: 8cm

Style A is a fully articulated and extremely poseable tail while Style B is a bushy tail, similar to a fox tail and is articulated only at the base giving a lot less poseability but also has it's merits.

The "Basic Edition" of Pipos Cheshire is still available from and is available in Baby Yellow, Cherry Blossom or Grey skin tones, comes with either or both tail versions, face up or non face up, a certificate and a pair of 16mm Glass Eyes in a randomly chosen colour.

I just love these crazy looking cats, and can't wait until he arrives. We are going to have such fun and maybe a tea party or two! :3

☠ Ghostly Mauldlynne ☠

Earlier I spent ages going back and forth through my two +Google and Youtube accounts trying to link them all together - I still haven't managed it so if anyone knows how to do this I'd really appreciate some help...

One cool thing came out of it though, I found some pictures I'd forgotten about...

Around Halloween last year +Google had a cool little gadget which allowed you to upload and spookify photos, this one I did of Mauldlynne is pretty cool, in fact it's given me some ideas.

I feel an Ooak coming on... I may need to buy another Mauldlynne so I can customise her now!!

☞ ※ Aileen Doll Rot ( Ver.2 ) Pink Dragon Doll ※ ☜

Did I mention that I recently came into a bit of money recently?

 Well, I decided I'd treat myself to a couple of dolls I would never have been able to afford otherwise, one of which is the adorable anthro Dragon doll by Aileen Dolls...

                                            Aileen Doll Rot ( Ver.2 ) Pink Dragon Anthro Doll

Rot stands at 12cm high and takes size 16mm to 18mm eyes.

The site says: "You can separate the Rot horns." which I assume means they are detachable, I don't quite get why they would be though, but I guess I'll find out when he arrives!

The listing also states "The Dragon Rot is not compatible with Pet doll body." My guess is this is due to his neck joint, although I'll have to wait to see if this is the case, not that I have a spare Pet doll body!

Also, I'm unsure why anyone would want to rebody him - his dumpy little arms and legs and pot belly are adorable!!

Another thing the listing mentions is that his head and wings "is assembled by tension cord". I have to admit I love the idea that his little wings are also poseable in this way and am really looking forward to trying them out!

You can buy him with or without a face up - I always buy mine without as I like to have the fun of doing my own and watching my little ones "come to life", I know it sounds weird but it's also a kind of bonding process, I tend to enjoy them more if I've been responsible for their looks...

He's already on his way to me but as he has such dumpy little wings, it's going to take him at least two weeks to fly here, I hope he doesn't make too many rest stops 'cos I'm  stupidly excited to met him. :3

Makies Forum News & Makie Doll Sewing Patterns

Yesterday I decided I'd go and have a nose around The Makies Blog and I discovered that The Forum is about to be closed down! 

Makielab suggested removing any images etc that members would like to keep before the forum becomes completely unusable, so I decided I'd download the sewing patterns the team put up to make sure I had a backup in case anything happens to my hard copies.

While doing so it dawned on me that possibly not everyone with a Makie had joined the Forum and therefore may not of had access to these patterns so I decided to link to them here for anyone who may wish to use them.

Please bear in mind that these patterns come under a Creative Commons License  in the words of Rikke (one of the Makielab Elves) who clarified what this means "The Creative Commons licence depicted in those circles is actually the “Attribution (BY) - Non commercial (NC) - Share alike (SA)” CC BY-NC-SA 3.0  which suggests you should tell where you got the pattern, not use it commercially and if you do adapt this pattern you must share it with similar licence (= make it a free pattern, not sell). 

He went onto say: "I found that really confusing so we extracted these words from our Alice:“This license means you can’t commercially sell this actual pattern. What you make with it however - those garments are yours to do with as you wish. Have fun!”
Now I've got the legal bit out the way, onto the patterns, but before I do, a quick note...

The following images are previews - enlarging them for print may make your pattern the wrong size - below each preview I have added a link to the PDF of the pattern, I am not sure how long these links will be supported, it is possible that once the Forum is closed, these links may go along with it...

If this is the case please contact me and I'll update the links...

1) Cape Pattern for Makie Dolls:

2) Hoodie Pattern for Makie Dolls:

3) Jeans Pattern for Makie Dolls:

4) T- Shirt Pattern for Makie Dolls: (N.B: Images are identical - links are different)

5) Dress Pattern for Makie Dolls:

The great thing about these patterns is they are all so versatile and easily adapted to make other items and patterns from, also they fit both male and female dolls with no need for tweaking :3

Oh I forgot, here's a chart stating Makie Measurements for anyone who would like to try their hand at designing their own clothes for Makie: