Tuesday, 17 March 2015

•.-:¦:-•* Fairyland Realpuki Soso Soom 1/4 Resin BJD *•-:¦:-•

I'm so excited, I just can't wait to show off my new baby to be!

I've told you before about those nice friends of my Mum's who always send me money at Christmas and for my birthday and how I convert it into dolls I could never hope to own without that extra cash... well this year they sent me enough money for Christmas for me to order an adorable little creature who's been on my wishlist for years - yay!

At present my baby is still in the "processing stage" but I just can't wait for the "shipping stage" to share my good news, and so I bring you sale photos of my new little (very little) one...

RealPuki Soso Soom from Fairyland...

He's available in either two options of face plate - Open eye or closed eyes or the "deluxe" version which comes with both; and a much higher price tag!

As I could only think of a few instances where a "sleepy" face Soso would be of benefit to me, I went for the open eyed version, however since seeing this photo by Marlene on Flickr, I've fallen in love with the closed eye version now too, or at the very least, this little guy; he's just too adorable!


My Soso is also a little boy, Son of Pendle Makie who's just as impatient for him to arrive as I am!

Still I guess it gives me time to sort out some outfits and little items for his house... did I say he already has a house?

It's an old Matchbox boot from when I was little, and he also has a shiny new Noddy car waiting for him to drive too, now he just needs some hats, trousers, boots and loads of other things I keep thinking of!

Mudwamp Mac Feegle's House.

Anyhoo, enough wittering here's a bit about the dolls themselves and what they are capable of posewise...

Soso stands at 3.74 inches ( 9.49 cm) tall,they have changeable faceplates, magnetic hands and feet which add to their overall poseability and ability to hold objects without it looking a little kooky (think Barbie's microphones etc. looks weird right?!).

Their hands and feet are removable and have magnets in them, so they can be easily swapped for Doll Fairyland shoes, differently posed hands, faceplates and items from Pukipuki Dolls as some of these fit them without looking too oversized.

The faceplate too is of course removable and also contains a magnet to help it stay in place. The face plates can also be swapped with Pukipuki and some of Pukipuki's "magic items" can also be used with Realpuki. However due to the scale difference between the two dolls swapping a Realpuki's faceplate onto a  Pukipuki may make your doll look a little odd!

                                      Just look at the detail on his little bumbum!

   Shoes are available separately from CP/ Fairyland and come in a variety of styles for $12.00 each and come in either Natural or White shades, except for the skates white come in white only and cost $14.00. For convenience I've added page links under each photo...

                          Buckle shoes for Realpuki: dollfairyland.com - Buckle Shoes

                       Leather shoes for Realpuki:  dollfairyland.com - Leather Shoes

Leaf shoes for Realpuki: dollfairyland.com - Leaf Shoes

Skates for Realpuki: dollfairyland.com - skates

Ragged buckle shoes for Realpuki:  dollfairyland.com - Ragged buckle shoes

 There was absolutely no way I could resist these little cuties with their worn out toe and cute little peepage going on!

To place the shoes on you have to first remove the feet. The shoes have magnets so they just snap on and stay put, make sure you put the feet in a safe place though - those babies are tiny!

                The above photos show Realpuki wearing PukiPuki hands (Magic Items).

They have 3 points of articulation in the torso region, which again makes for added realism when posing.

There are two points of articulation in the neck, Four in the arms and four in the legs, coupled with the three points of articulation in the torso, this makes for extremely realistic and varied poseability.

The  measurements in the chart below are written in centimetres, for clarification I've written them below as parts of it, such as in the arms may be a little confusing as due to the size of them the measurements are grouped closely together:


Height 9.7cm
Head circumference 9.1cm
Neck circumference 1.8cm
Shoulder Width 2.3cm
Shoulder to Wrist 2.6cm
Elbow to Wrist 1.1cm
Length of Back 2.3cm
Chest circumference 4.9cm
Waist circumference 4.8cm
Hip circumference 5.9cm
Hip to Knee 1.9cm
Thigh Circumference 3.2cm
Knee to Ankle 1.6cm
Ankle circumference 1.8cm
Feet 1.7cm

Realpuki take size 10mm eyes, however, if you like your dolls to have eyes which display a more natural amount of white instead of displaying mostly pupil, it would be better to go for 6mm eyes.

It's taken me so long to finish writing this post *sigh* that my SoSo Soom have already moved in - Yay!

So you'll be seeing photo's of my little guy "Mudwamp" soon, once I've finished giving him his "faceup" and making him a few more little outfits...