Thursday, 19 March 2015

☞ ※ Aileen Doll Rot ( Ver.2 ) Pink Dragon Doll ※ ☜

Did I mention that I recently came into a bit of money recently?

 Well, I decided I'd treat myself to a couple of dolls I would never have been able to afford otherwise, one of which is the adorable anthro Dragon doll by Aileen Dolls...

                                            Aileen Doll Rot ( Ver.2 ) Pink Dragon Anthro Doll

Rot stands at 12cm high and takes size 16mm to 18mm eyes.

The site says: "You can separate the Rot horns." which I assume means they are detachable, I don't quite get why they would be though, but I guess I'll find out when he arrives!

The listing also states "The Dragon Rot is not compatible with Pet doll body." My guess is this is due to his neck joint, although I'll have to wait to see if this is the case, not that I have a spare Pet doll body!

Also, I'm unsure why anyone would want to rebody him - his dumpy little arms and legs and pot belly are adorable!!

Another thing the listing mentions is that his head and wings "is assembled by tension cord". I have to admit I love the idea that his little wings are also poseable in this way and am really looking forward to trying them out!

You can buy him with or without a face up - I always buy mine without as I like to have the fun of doing my own and watching my little ones "come to life", I know it sounds weird but it's also a kind of bonding process, I tend to enjoy them more if I've been responsible for their looks...

He's already on his way to me but as he has such dumpy little wings, it's going to take him at least two weeks to fly here, I hope he doesn't make too many rest stops 'cos I'm  stupidly excited to met him. :3