Sunday, 4 November 2012

Wow my Wish list is getting Longer and Longer!!

(Info copied from Ebay listing)

                                  This time it's a Steam Punk Dal Doll called Ra Muw. 

Here's a list of the accessories and outfit she comes with:- 

Jacket, Necklace, Hair Band, Gloves, Belt, One-Piece Dress, Tights, Leg Accessory, Boots, Googles, Transmitter, Head Dress, Doll Stand

« The Metropolis is my castle. Don't underestimate the information network! It?s a lot faster than particles and it will make sense of the world!! »

                                  Sold in limited Quantity of 2,000pcs World Wide Market
                                  Each unit includes a serial number and certificate
                                                              High Quality Outfit
                                                              Cute Suede Dress
                                 Long Wavy Hair Complements her make-up and accentuates her cleverness


Ra Muw is a journalist with a great deal of curiosity. Her strong journalistic desire for knowledge draws her to EOS, which sometimes leads her to get in EOS' way.
The transmitter that Ra Muw has in her possession is special and only the most outstanding journalists are allowed to have and send out information, but there's a question is it truly owned by Ra Muw.