Monday, 5 November 2012

Unknown Vintage 3 faced dolls

I have 2 different versions of  3 face dolls, which I suspect must have been kind of popular in the early 1960's, as mine are definitely not the only type of 3 face doll made back then.

I have seen 2 other examples, but they do seem to be quite rare nonetheless, and no one I've asked seems to know very much about them at all, neither does Google! so I'd appreciate any info anyone has on this pair.

Enough preamble ... Here's my two:

Vintage 3 faced standing Doll.

Here's what I know about her...

She has 3 faces which you bring to the front by turning the little hair patterned topknot on her head.

Her outfit looks to be original or at least made for her as it has a split on top to allow her topknot to poke through.

She stands around 8 inches tall and due to the restrictive nature of her outfit, she cannot sit down!

Other than that I'm clueless lol so would love some info if anyone has any?

Vintage 3 faced Native / Eskimo? Sitting Baby Toy.

Made in Hong Kong circa. 1960.

She's made of rubber &  plastic.

She's 4.5" tall.

The black pompom on top of her head changes her facial expression when you twist it!


                                                       ***   UPDATE   ***


I'm not exactly sure how it happened as one search inevitably leads to another and another, but the upshot is, I've found out a couple of things about my tallest girl:

She was made in 1979 by Fun World Toy Company.

Her outfit is definitely her original one.

There are several versions of this outfit available - I've seen at least three other versions made from different patterned fabric and also one cut from yellow fabric.

If I manage to find out anything else, I'll keep you posted...

Watch this space!