Wednesday, 21 February 2018

💀 Gluttony - Living Dead Dolls 7 Deadly Sins; Series 7 💀

One of my  2010 Xmas pressies from Aaron !!

Yay ... my boy knows just what I like!

I've been wanting this boy for ages but seeing as he's been retired for a while now it seemed likely he'd just have to be a wish doll... until my son bought him for me for Christmas woohoo!!

He comes with a knife, meat tenderizer, chopping board and Death Certificate & he has the cutest little pot belly and puke stains around his mouth too!

His Death Certificate reads:

"The excessive food and drink that he craved, Sent this butcher to an early grave.
 Now trapped in Hell all he can partake,
Is being force-fed rats, toads and snakes."

As you can tell by now I've got right into checking out how much my little beauties are going for on Amazon, I was quite surprised by how much this little man was going for.

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