Monday, 19 February 2018

🌼 Unknown Doll / Disco Diva 🌼

I bought this doll from Ebay UK several years ago, she has weird little plastic loops under her feet so I think she may have once been a display doll which would have sat on the counter and displayed the latest outfits in 1/6 scale.

Other than that I have no ideas about her but would welcome any suggestions anyone has...

She is around Barbie height and came in this disco-esque style outfit, which is why I've taken to calling her "Disco Diva"!

The things on her feet make it impossible for her to wear normal barbie size shoes, but I have found that a pair of MyScene? boots work well, provided you don't attempt to push them too far up her legs.

At some point I'll probably cut them off so I can find her a better pair of boots, which actually match her outfit, but I'm loathe to do so until I find out why she has them and what type of doll she actually is.                                             

Here's a bad photo of her weird foot thingies, hopefully one of you has an idea what they're about please let me know!

They appear to have been made as part of the doll's skeleton - look under an older Barbie or Sindy doll's foot and you'll see a small slit with a bit of white hard plastic inside, hopefully, you get what I mean - when I was small I used to think these were the doll's leg bones!