Tuesday, 20 February 2018

🔪 Limited Edition- Halloween 2 Living Dead Doll - Michael Myers 🔪

Aaron is so awesome...he bought me a Living Dead Doll Mike Myers from the Halloween (2007  Rob zombie movie) with glow in the dark mask, for Christmas 2008, he went on a quest to find one 'cos he knew I've wanted one for ages now! wooooot

Promotional image copyright: Meco Toys

And even better he arrived from America early woot woot ...the bummer thing was poor Aaron got slapped with a £12.80 Customs Charge :( ... our kind Postman Kev' said we didn't have to accept the parcel if we didn't want to pay it... only Aaron wouldn't hear of that and coughed up the extra cash for me to have him!!

As you can see from the above photograph it was a very bad idea letting him out of his box as he got busy straight away worrying my poor chinchilla, Gizmo!

The boxes on the "Horror Film" Living Deads are so awesome...nearly as awesome as the dolls themselves!  

"Little Mikey's" box has images from the film as well as the doll himself on all sides, I made the above collage of it using pictures of each side, the inside of the front (Like Leather Faces box it opens like a book with a preview panel, you access the doll from the top) has an image of "Mike Myers" from the film (second image) then comes the doll and back of box (just as cool!!)

The other cool thing about him is, he glows in the dark!!


While I was looking on Amazon for Living Deads the other year I found several for sale and again, I was pretty shocked by the prices being asked for them, not that I plan to sell my little man ever, but it's good to know how much he could be worth.