Tuesday, 20 February 2018

📽 Hollywood - Living Dead Dolls Fashion Victims Series: 2 🎞

Scumdog is a  "Hollywood" doll from Series 2 Fashion Victims, Living Dead Doll, I got her naked in a swap with my Flickr Friend Kyle... when purchased new she looks like this:

The weird thing is, I absolutely hated this doll, until I saw her nude then I fell in love with her big blue eyes and head wound!

Scumbag and ... ahem...friends 

I never know where this girl is half the timebut it seems my search party did pretty well in tracking her down to an alleyway at the back of a nightclub in Swansea ...as usual she was turning tricks ... 

Just after this pic' was taken things got a little shall we say heated and so they waited at a discreet distance around the corner for her to re-emerge and be brought back home ...

Unfortunately it seems the alley had another entrance and she gave them the slip...

If any of you do happen to see her on your travels ... please give her some money, a packet of cigarettes and a bottle of Jack Daniels, bundle her into the back of your car and bring her home to her worried mum!

While on Amazon, I did a quick search for "Hollywood" out of curiosity, and discovered in her original clothing and box she could be worth a few quid... Sadly she doesn't realise her worth and sells herself for cheap alcohol and cigarettes *sigh*

Regardless of her wayward behaviour, I can't help loving this big eyed girl of mine!