Tuesday, 20 February 2018

🐰 My Latest Custom - LPS Hybrid 🐰

I finally got around to getting this little girl together, I've had the idea for this little lady for years but it's crazy hard to not only find the right sized Littlest Pet Shop toy to hybrid but also the right kind of cute faced toy to use.

I've done a few of these funny little hybrids in the past, you may recall my dog, monkey, frog, bunny and panda girl minis and my Pingi the Chicken Lady - large bird faced girl on a Liv doll body.

If not, or you'd like to check them out you can find the posts by clicking on the following links...

So anyway, I managed to get this large flop eared rabbit Littlest Pet Shop pet, I knew she would be absolutely perfect for what I had in mind - something very kitsch looking obviously!

 I had the idea it would be easy as I could just use another Liv body for her like I did for Chicken Lady but I failed to take into account her long ears which it turned out obstructed her shoulders so much I had to rethink this option. 

After trying out several other jointed bodies (I really wanted her to be as posable as possible) I decided the best type of body would be an Azone one, although its much smaller than a Liv doll's body and more childlike in appearance it seemed a much better choice as it would allow me to dress and redress the doll without having to squeeze the clothing past her ears.

To strip the factory paint and repaint her as I envisaged her I decided it would be easier to remove her ears, this also gave me the ability to paint and seal her ears without worrying about the paint getting onto her face or having to find some way to prop her up while the layers were drying.

Once stripped, repainted and sealed, I reattached her ears and attatched her head it's new body, much Milliput, waiting and super glue later, I finally had her finished.  The beauty of the Milliput and glue method I devised - I have no idea how I managed this, actually allows her head to move from side to side, which adds so much to posing and photographing her.

I found her cute little outfit from a seller / doll clothes maker called spider8lesley on Ebay which suited her perfectly. The outfit is very well made and a perfect fit for her Azone body, if you'd like to check out her other items click on her name for a link to her Ebay page.

Just for funs, here's a before and after of my little girl...

I love how she turned out, she makes me smile every time I look at her!