Tuesday, 20 February 2018

☠ My Monster High Collection - Boxed Dolls ... Continued ☠

As promised in my one of my previous posts, here's the rest of my boxed Monster High dolls... The playsets, boxed and otherwise will be coming in another post over the next few days / weeks / as life permits as will the loose dolls once I figure out if I should categorise them by series or doll... 

I have several favourites which I own quite a few versions of (different series / custom versions etc) so I'm not sure if I should upload those in a single group or as part of a family - in the case of the wolf dolls, group the male dolls together in one post or post them alongside their "ghoul friends" or which wave they were released in... decisions, decisions.

Anyway, for now I should stop concerning myself with future posts and concentrate on the one at hand, ie... the remainder of the boxed lovelies, so here we go...

I loved the fact that Finnegan Wake comes with a wheelchair - it's not only a cool doll assessory but also a really clever way to display a doll with a fish tail, if unlike Sirena Von Boo, they aren't able to stand alone on a "double tail".

Keeping with the Aquatic theme, I couldn't resist the beautiful face of Kala Mer'ri add to that she has multiple arms, oh how I love multiple armed dolls! But best of all she glows in the dark! I've never gotten over my love of glow in the dark things, so combine all of that in one doll and well we was a got to have!

Peri and Pearl Serpentine not only glow in the dark but they are Siamese twins! How awesome is that?!  Not only that but they have beautiful faces, similar in some ways to the mould used for Spectra but better than Spectra cos you get two of them!

Kijersti Trollson ... Where to start with this girl? She has so many elements that the nerd I am loves that I just couldn't resist her at all! From her "Viking" style woollen hat to her 8-bit inspired skirt, her handbag shaped like a retro games console controller, she's based on a troll and has little pointy ears - there is just so much to love about this girl!!

Isi Dawndancer - pointy ears strike again! I love the elements of Native American in her dress sense, the patterns on her clothing also hint to that origin, but also Scandinavian and Winter.

Mouseus King; She is so cute, one of the small shorter dolls, she has adorable little rodent ears, tiny claws on her finger tips and the cutest little mouse tail.

I love that Gooliope Jellington is so much bigger than most of the other Monster High clan (unfortunately I don't own any of the Frightfully Tall dolls) I love the globules on her legs and the whole theme of her. I really fell for the Freak Du Chic line... I love the carnival combined with burlesque style of the clothing. Gooliope has shoes which are decorated with a carousel horse holding up the heel. The box design really drew me to her too, I love how she is placed in the box in such a way it seems that she is struggling with lack of room. I love the artwork behind her and the detail on the front, the plastic is moulded to look as though she is smashing out the "glass" to escape which appeals so much to my love of 1950s B-Movies in fact her overall size and box design puts me very much in mind of that awesome classic "Attack of the 50 foot Woman"!

I just love the Sweet Screams line, Ghoulia Yelps is by far my favourite, so I was so happy to get my hands on her, not only her but boxed too!  Everything about this doll is beautiful, from the design of her box to the shade of blue used for her hair. I love her "Gummy Bear" bag and the inclusion of her pet Sir Hoots A lot, who is even holding a mini "Gummy Worm" in his beak, it's just too adorable!