Wednesday, 21 February 2018

⚰️ Jezebel - Living Dead Dolls Series 5 ⚰️

I received Jezebel as part of a surprise parcel from my friend Kyle, who lives in Florida. It was totally unexpected and I had no idea when I opened it that it would be such an awesome package of loveliness!

I love the Kewpie and the Halloween "Frankie" Shelly and "Bride of Frankenstein's Monster" Shelly and the living dead Jezebel is perfect right down to her slit wrists!!

Jezebel is a full sized Living Dead Doll, from Series 5, as she didn't come to me with a box or accessories, I don't have a Death Certificate for her and didn't know the contents of her "poem", I have however managed to find these details online so here's her poem: 

"Jezebel was a runaway who lived on the street, Saddened by the sound of her own heartbeat. 
With a razor in hand it was all just to much, 
Her body fell fast, ice cold to the touch."

Her make up reminds me of Frankenfurter from The Rocky Horror Picture Show... As I mentioned she never came to me with a Death certificate but I managed to find one online ...

living dead

Name of Deceased: Jezebel
Sex: F
Date and Time of Death: 01/29/99 02:47 AM
Last Known Occupation: Entertainer
Cause of Death: Loss of blood
Lacerations on forearms are
apparently self-inflicted and
caused severe loss of blood.

 I love to have the information they have in their Death Certificates and make replacements for them if they do not come with them; like my Living Dead Doll Minis - I made each of them a little Death Certificate each, which is rolled up and tucked beside them inside their little coffin boxes.

AS my little Jezebel came to me without a box, I have managed to get one for her. It came without the inner cardboard, tissue paper or the plastic cover. 

 I used another doll's cardboard to make a template and found an image of the insert which I cut out and glued onto a shaped insert I made. I bought red tissue paper to line her coffin with and I have to say I'm quite pleased with the result so far.

Unfortunately, I am at present unable to find a copy of her Death Certificate or the Coroner's Report which she would have originally have come with so it looks like I will have to make my own versions of these too!

I was researching her and and at the same time I decided to try and find out why she makes me think of The Rocky Horror Picture Show so much and I ended up finding information on a beautiful Burlesque Stripper from the 1940s, who began her career as a Chorus Dancer during the Golden era of Hollywood.

Her stage name was Lili St.Cyr and one of her acts was based on the theme of suicide, which explains Jezebel's slit wrists... I knew I had heard her name before but I couldn't work out where so I kept searching...

And then I found it on Wikipedia of all places, and the penny finally dropped, duh!

There is a line in the song "Don't Dream It" from The Rocky Horror Show that goes "God bless Lili St.Cyr" so there was my explanation for the "Rocky Horror Look"!

Another bit of research I did was in Amazon, curiosity again, of course she is not worth as much as these dolls as she doesn't come in her box with her Death Certificate, but again, that doesn't really matter to me as I'm not planning to sell her any time soon.

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