Thursday, 25 October 2012

1971 Chatty Cathy Doll

This doll has no markings on her body but there are several number/letter codes under her hair... at the back of her head (right side under hair) it reads chatty then underneath 971 and then after a gap another 1.
She has a few missing hair plugs at the back but these are hardly noticable, unless you are searching about like I was lol
Her legs are swingy but I think this is due to her side being split from too much laughing!!
Her voice box doesn't work, but I know this is fixable, with the right know-how.

close up

Face is slightly lighter than body, and has weird mark on left cheek...kinda looks like when some-one cries while wearing foundation and you get them tear-tracks if  you get me!

The voice box inside is non-working and is the white round box kind...did contemplate seeing what i could do, but then thought no sell her to some-one who knows what they are doing
Right hand
not sure if you can see it but third finger nail on right hand has slight indentation (poss' tooth-mark)

Left Side

Seam is open from neck right down the side and underneath - to protect her modesty I am not going to tell you where!!

Left Foot

Heel has some pressed in damage...possibly from being made to wear the wrong shoes?? There is a small hole in the plastic.

Right Foot
As left, only this side has 2 small holes.

Front of head
Just above fringe line has 8 or so missing hair-plugs.

Still she only cost me a £1 or so, and I couldn't leave her after I saw her sitting outside of a Charity shop one Afternoon!

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