Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Can anyone ID My Mum's Doll for her please?

Originally posted to Dolls More Dolls on Multiply - Jul 3, '09 2:11 PM

 This little one was given to Mum in the 1940's she's made by Pedigree and has ball joints, molded hair, original face paint and a voice box and excellent detailing on her hands and toes, her little fingernails are so cute....She also has most of her original (mohair?) eyelashes intact!

When tipped forward for winding etc and then back again she says "Mama Mama" although this is now a bit tempermental...

Mum was so proud when I said I'd take some pic's to show everyone on here and maybe get some additional info' as she doesn't really know much about her being so small when she had her.

I was promised her when I was old enough to take care of her but it seems at 34 I'm still not old enough hahahahaha

And yay I was actually allowed to touch her yesterday wow how about that? 34 years of just looking until yesterday, and only then because I promised to take photos, I was watched very carefully the whole time too!!

She has been lovingly looked after all these years and now sits in her new outfit by the side of My Parents bed!

Any info on her and her value etc would be most appreciated ...Thanks Everyone...*Grin* Herbs x

Voice Box and Pedigree Logo.

Original Panties!

weebairns wrote on Jul 3, '09
I have quite a few of these hard plastic Pedigree dolls, Herbs. They date from the late 40s/early 50s and I've just looked in my valuing old dolls book and a very similar example in there is valued at approx £80 - £90 in good condition. She is a beautiful one.