Monday, 22 October 2012

BRATZ BABYZ Just got a whole lot cooler!!! **Dolly Update**

Sapphire &  Ruby - Ooak Bratz Baby Cyber Goth Doll (Twins)

Her face was stripped of factory features and re-painted using acrylic paint, then sealed. 

The moulded plastic hair was painted black and given cobalt blue highlights then sealed.

The dress was hand sewn from a pattern designed by myself.

Dread falls were made using a mixture of synthetic human hair extensions and brown spun yarn and unspun blue fleece.I added Black"nail varnish to her hands and feet, which was ten sealed then I hand-made sliver dice and black beaded earrings to finish off her look
produced in the same way as Sapphire.

The Only real difference between the two, apart from colour choices and eye paint is Ruby has 3 bunches at the back of her head.

Close up of Dice earrings, worn by both dolls

The Dread falls on each doll were placed in the holes from which the factory moulded bunches were removed.