Friday, 26 October 2012

Mummified Computerized - Circa 2001.

Mummified Computerized is another piece in my "Doll Protest" series which relates to fears I had at the time regarding the influence of computers and technology on children's lives, as I have explained this fully in other related posts (see, Brain Drain & The Death Of Innocence), I'm just going to tell you a little about the piece itself here.

Not so good photos, but the best I could find for now... I'll upload some better ones when I have time to take some more, but for now these aren't so bad to give you an idea of how the piece looks.

I took a Mattel Shelly doll and mummified her, part painted her head and glued her to some gubbins from inside an old radio.

The background was made using dolls house paper I''d bought several months before and had kept while waiting for inspiration - I pasted this onto a small piece of plyboard, which was then glued onto a larger papered piece of plyboard; this was then placed inside a chunky box style frame, so the doll can be viewed from every side as you move around this artwork.