Sunday, 21 October 2012

Kurhn / Volks bargain for Ooak!

Since Aaron had the great idea of me turning my BJD into a "Lucy" from Elfen Lied, I've been looking for a suitable  replacement to make my "Fairy Folk Doll" ... cue this item!

2 Kurhn Dolls, 2 Packs of Saran Hair and a Volks Head with red eyes, from a Seller in Italy and all for the Grand Total of 3 Euros 65 - that works out to £2.96!!!  

Wooooot Wooooot!!

Orig' post - (from Dolls More Dolls Group on Multiply) - Jan 25, '09. 7:58PM - for Everyone

                                                             *** UPDATE***

In case you're wondering, the hair colours are: Fairy's Breath (the light lilac - pink) and the darker one is Rosewood ( a very beautiful dark Auburn colour), both are lovely and I'll show you how they look when rooted in later posts.