Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Little Big Eyes .... From Donna ... Restoration Begins ... woot!!

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I already had a L.B.E with this colour hair but have been regretting removing her eyebrows to "Blythe her up" ever since I did it :( As she is a Series 1 and they are crazy to get hold of...I should know had a devil of a time winning my two :( (I have one from series 1 and one from series 2!)

Loads get bought up to be "Blythed" so to find them in original clothing, boxes and all intact is pretty rare!

When this little lady arrived with broken leg but perfect eyebrows I know just what to do...Take mine out of the box and exchange faces lol

Then use this one (after fixing leg) as a practice doll for a full customisation!

I'm thinking Alice In Wonderland with Punk Pink Hair wooot!!

Naked to access damage to leg

To take off the face you first have to remove the hair.
Oh and on Series 1 the cap too... oddly series 2 do not have this cap!

Ok hair's gone now's time to pop that cap...wish me luck :-S

Yay that wasn't too hard!
Now to remove the screws and pop open the head...and make sure I collect up all the bits of the eye mechanism!!

Oooo Faceless!
My trusty scapel comes in handy again!

Ok so If I'm going to fix that leg I need to take the body apart as well!
Oops snapped the other leg lol never mind have plenty of cement to fix it up!!

Right what's next? 
Oh I know unpack other L.B.E and make her watch!

:( No Eyebrows...Bad Herbie!

It really shows too :(
Removed her hair...but where is her Cap?? hmmm curious!

Ok you ready girl?...Deep Breath!

All done and back in box!
I realised the eyes on the new one were much nicer as they have better defined pupils so I swapped them over too!

Hmmm well seeing as she has now got weak coloured eyes I'm gonna give them some colour too!
First thing I have to do is remove the eye chips to have a better look at them!

Glue legs back into hips...
Test they will still work...sorted *grin*

Put body back together, put eye chips and head cap safe!

Put eyes back in head and screw up!
Awww noo kinda sad looking still I now have a clean canvas to make Alice with!!
                       Stay Tuned, more Custom work coming soon on this little girl...